Our Wi-Fi 6 solutions enable the next era of connectivity.

Across nearly every category of wirelessly connected product, Qualcomm Technologies’ Wi-Fi 6 solutions are setting a benchmark for performance and feature differentiation all in pursuit of the fullest potential of Wi-Fi 6. And we’re delivering on that promise now, so everyone can experience one of the industry’s best Wi-Fi solutions, today.

Unleashing the potential of Wi-Fi.

Qualcomm Technologies’ Wi-Fi 6 solutions are helping to enable a technology transition that will impact nearly every kind of connected device—from smartphones to cars to the burgeoning IoT. Ranging in application from our homes, to airports, campuses, and the enterprise, our Wi-Fi 6 solutions build on our world-class engineering capabilities to connect users and devices like never before, with game-changing advancements that go beyond the standards to deliver the speed, low-latency, and coverage needed for immersive, high-performance user experiences.

Deliver blazing-fast connectivity with FastConnect.

Our Qualcomm® FastConnect™ subsystems are integrated connectivity subsystems spanning Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other non-cellular connectivity technologies within the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile and compute Platforms. The FastConnect 6-series subsystem is designed to bring the best of Wi-Fi 6 to mobile devices. The Qualcomm FastConnect 6200 is our first-generation Wi-Fi 6 connectivity subsystem, delivered ahead of the Wi-Fi 6 standard certification, and is integrated with the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform. Our upcoming next generation Wi-Fi 6 FastConnect 6800 subsystem supports an enhanced implementation of Wi-Fi 6 features to deliver experiences to customers with superior connection speed, efficiency, range, power consumption, security, and more.

Discover a new era of Wi-Fi networking.

The Qualcomm® Networking Pro Series™ platforms are built for today’s - and tomorrow’s - connected experiences, designed to deliver the ultimate Wi-Fi 6 connectivity experience. Built on decades of wireless invention, our Pro Series platforms leverage our unique Wi-Fi 6 architecture and approach, are designed for densely congested networks and the onboarding of hundreds of devices without degradation of user experience, and for high performance throughput.


The Qualcomm Networking Pro Series is tiered across four platforms:
Qualcomm Networking Pro 1200, Qualcomm Networking Pro 800, Qualcomm Networking Pro 600, Qualcomm Networking Pro 400.

Re-envisioning the Wi-Fi experience.

Qualcomm Technologies’ Wi-Fi 6 offerings maximize the potential of Wi-Fi 6 with solutions that impact nearly every relevant product category.

Increased network capacity

Our Pro Series networking platforms deliver a massive boost in network capacity, with up to 12 spatial streams of Wi-Fi 6 connectivity across the 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands, as well as a range of tools to manage and deliver it as efficiently and simultaneously as possible.

Blazing-fast connectivity

Through our end-to-end design and feature implementation, our Wi-Fi 6 solutions for mobile devices can leverage additional capacity to deliver faster speeds. Advanced Wi-Fi 6 features like 1024QAM help make it easier than ever to preserve the fastest and most reliable connection.

Efficient resource management

Qualcomm multi-user scheduling algorithms help deliver deterministic resource allocation across multiple vectors, including via Multi-User MIMO and OFDMA. Our advanced implementation and coordinated management of these multi-user features translates to extremely optimized performance in the most insanely congested environments like sporting events, airports, or conventions.

Get a jump-start on Wi-Fi 6 with Qualcomm Technologies.

This is the age of constant connectivity. From mobile phones to smart homes to every device in between, Qualcomm Technologies’ Wi-Fi 6 solutions are designed to meet today’s demand for 24/7 connectivity. Our Wi-Fi 6 solutions offer consistent, high-speed performance combined with low-latency in congested networks—redefining what it means to be truly wireless.

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