What innovations will grow from the ideas we plant today?

The Qualcomm® Inventor Lab was created from our passion for inventing and sharing technology that brings the future closer to us. By utilizing Qualcomm® technology, innovators everywhere have the tools to turn their ideas into reality.

James Parr: Asteroid hunter

James Parr is keeping his eyes on the sky with the Ultrascope. Powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor, the Ultrascope captures high-quality images of asteroids and transmits them wirelessly to the cloud using 4G LTE. Its connectivity leverages smartphones worldwide to create an Ultrascope data network—establishing a massive cloud-based database and map of all the asteroids near Earth.

Nicholas Hanna: Messaging activator

Nicholas Hanna saw an opportunity to transform the way we live with the TrikeWriter. Using DragonBoard™ 410c technology, based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 series processor from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Nicholas turned a bicycle—a centuries-old, straightforward mode of transportation—into a mobile, wireless communications vehicle for the modern world. The TrikeWriter receives messages and writes them in its path via water calligraphy.


Qualcomm Inventor Lab – Hunting Asteroids



James Parr, Asteroid Hunter



Lucy McRae, Body Architect



James Parr, Asteroid Hunter



Inventors are our future.

At Qualcomm, we collaborate with inventors from around the world who are pushing technology forward and transforming how we live.


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