On-device AI can help everyone leap forward.

Qualcomm is on a mission to make devices, machines and, well, pretty much everything, more intelligent. We created Qualcomm® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform designed to learn and adapt to your behavior and environment. So get ready for smartphones, cars and even everyday household items, to deliver intuitive, highly personalized user experiences.

Introducing devices that simply get you.

The next generation of devices will boast enhanced privacy, improved reliability, low latency, efficient use of bandwidth and dynamic computing capabilities. These improvements will accommodate all sorts of AI features and applications. So as handy as smartphones are right now, the integration of AI into these devices will have the potential to transform them from passive tools to engaging partners, helping us make decisions —or even making decisions for us.

Things just got personal.

Your smartphone is probably one of the most useful tools you own. Now, it can be the most personal too. Constant advances in On-device AI allow us to capture better pictures and videos, and experience immersive VR and AR—but that’s just the start. Thanks to improved speech and voice recognition capabilities we’re closer to having devices that are like truly intelligent personal assistants in our pockets.

And there’s more.

Qualcomm AI Technologies

Power-efficient, on-device AI is here, and our AI research and technology is enabling us to bring personalized experiences to industries and device users everywhere.

Snapdragon mobile platforms

Our Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platforms, which include processors, modems, and chipsets, will power some of the mobile industry’s most impressive devices and applications.

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We’re leading the 5G charge to make super-fast mobile even faster.


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