We invent the tech the world loves.

Before there were smartphones or smart cities, before autonomous cars or 360° virtual reality videos, there was our technology. Qualcomm inventions are the foundational technologies that others build upon—inventing new industries and applications that have global impact. From 5G to artificial intelligence, from IoT to automotive and extended reality applications, Qualcomm is inventing the technologies the world loves.

Before the Announcement

May 14, 2018


Go Fund

May 14, 2018


We invent. Then others innovate on top of our breakthroughs.

Today, our inventions are the foundation of so many of the devices and applications that are enhancing our everyday lives. Like the autonomous car that can park itself. Or the virtual reality headset that keeps you from walking into walls. And the digital personal assistant that learns your voice and preferences. From 5G to AI to IoT and beyond, all this and more started with Qualcomm.

We don’t just change industries. We help invent new ones.

Thanks to our inventions, humans and devices are communicating in ways never before thought possible. We’ve developed advanced machine learning algorithms that enable devices to learn our speech patterns and habits. Our Gigabit LTE technology delivers fiber optic-like speeds while paving the way for 5G. And our high-performance Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors enable immersive experiences that extend from the smartphone to the automotive sector. 


Leading the world to 5G, a new era of seamless connectivity.

Gigabit LTE

Delivering fiber optic-like speeds without the wires.


Extending the connected world to the car.


Making machines and devices more intelligent.

We started the mobile revolution. Be the first to hear about what we’re inventing next.

Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.