Webinar: Private LTE networks create new opportunities for industrial IoT

With the recent confluence of new spectrum sharing innovations and the genesis of “Industry 4.0”—the digital transformation of industrial processes and the fourth industrial revolution—the potential for private IoT networks is substantial. New technologies, such as MulteFire and LTE-based CBRS, makes it possible to deploy private LTE networks without access to licensed spectrum. This lowers the barrier for companies to start to enjoy the benefits of LTE and its roadmap to 5G, which grows the market for private IoT networks in segments ranging from manufacturing automation, shipping ports, oil & gas to power generation plants. View this webinar to take a closer look at how MulteFire and CBRS can be used in private LTE networks for industrial IoT. Speaker: Mehmet Yavuz, VP of Engineering, Qualcomm

Publish Date: Jun 2, 2017

Length: 58:16