Snapdragon Overview

The Snapdragon processor brand is well known in the smartphone and tablet space and with the launch of the highly-capable Snapdragon S4, these processors are now destined to appear in new platforms like Windows 8 PCs, SmartTVs and set top boxes. The number of device form factors that can potentially benefit from Snapdragon processors' balance of power and battery efficiency is endless. In this short video, Michelle Leyden Li, Senior Director of Marketing at Qualcomm, explains the new Snapdragon system of tiers, whether it’s the entry-level space in the emerging markets or high-end devices like the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3. The Snapdragon S4 tiers will also make it easier for Qualcomm's customers and consumers to identify the right processor and its wide-array of features and specifications.

Publish Date: Aug 30, 2012

Length: 3:51