Snapdragon Lab: Accessing Hardware-Accelerated Video Codecs on Android

Qualcomm puts significant effort into providing robust, high-performing video decode and encode engines with its chipsets. The iOMX interface enables developers to access hardware-accelerated video codecs for improved video experience (e.g. higher frame rate, bigger frame size, lower latency, lower CPU load, etc.). This deep dive session is for developers who plan to use video decode or encoder within their apps. To benefit from the session, it is best if you are already familiar with video codecs, the Android media framework and the iOMX interface. The session will educate on: what tools are available to Qualcomm developer partners for video technologies; how to use these tools; how to reach and get support from Qualcomm's Snapdragon Developer Ecosystem team.

Publish Date: Jul 26, 2011

Length: 19:00