We value your service to our country as much as we value our employees’ contributions to our company.

Military veterans and their families have made a commitment to upholding many of the same values that we embrace as a company. At Qualcomm, we have created a community that provides opportunities for camaraderie, community outreach and professional development for veterans and colleagues—essentially allowing veterans to continue their mission of excellence, teamwork and service.

Qualcomm has been recognized as a Top 100 Military Friendly Company by GI Jobs

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A Military Friendly Workplace

As a veteran, you’ve acquired valuable skills through your unique military experience that could be beneficial to Qualcomm’s success. Our history of working with military organizations has allowed us to develop training programs and a variety of career opportunities to help you successfully transition from the military to a corporate environment.

Below are some examples of how your current specialization could align to civilian opportunities at Qualcomm.


If you worked in:   You might consider:
Personnel, Recruiter, Instructor   Human Resources, Staffing, Training, Compensation
Networking, Intel, Communication   IT, Business/Systems Analyst, Sales/Business Development, Corporate Communication, Marketing
Engineering, Technician   Engineering, Technician
Leadership   Project/Program or People Management, Business Analyst, Sales/Business Development
Front-Line, Operations, Support   Operations, Help Desk, Customer Service, Administration/Department Support, Security
Logistics, Finance, Contracts   Logistics, Supply Chain, Finance and Accounting, Procurement, Contracts

Camaraderie and Esprit de Corps

Those are two values shared by veterans working at Qualcomm. Our communities of volunteers, supporters and veterans—from all branches of service—at every level are continuously trying to find ways to give back throughout the year. At Qualcomm, your military service is recognized and appreciated. Camaraderie and Esprit de Corps? Affirmative!


QVETS is a worldwide community of Qualcomm employees who have served or are serving in the military, or are supportive of service members. Mil-Vets members foster a seamless transition from military life to civilian careers and provide opportunities for continued professional growth, leadership, and community outreach while encouraging each other to carry the pride and confidence established from the military.

Qualcomm Veteran Program

Qualcomm sponsors has sponsored a program for veterans. The goals are simple to expose veterans, most for the first time to a corporate culture, provide them with technical experience and professional development in their chosen career field; and empower them with newfound confidence and resources in today's competitive job market.

Military Veterans at Qualcomm

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