Working with Qualcomm

This page is intended to provide an overview of how our customers gain access to support resources, including documenation, software and other tools.  We are streamlining our digital process to create a more transparent, efficient, and personalized experience for both new and existing customers. Your path to innovation is now faster and easier than ever.

Qualcomm resource access levels.

Most of Qualcomm’s resources for products such as documentation, tools, and software fall within one of three tiers.


Public resources are available to anyone and can be downloaded without a Qualcomm ID.


Registered resources require a Qualcomm ID and acceptance of Qualcomm's license agreement.


Authorized resources are watermarked and contain confidential information. You must be part of a verified company to download the resources.

How to access Qualcomm’s product resources.

Below is a guide to the processes required to access the various tiers of Qualcomm’s product resources.

Qualcomm ID

A Qualcomm ID enables you to access additional "registered" resources. It’s free to register for a Qualcomm ID and typically takes 1 business day for approval.

Company verification

Authorized resources require company verification before the resource can be accessed. Company verification is initiated by filling out our request form.  

Qualcomm license agreement

Once your Qualcomm ID has been activated, you'll need to accept our license agreement to download additional product resources.


Can anyone register for a Qualcomm ID?

Yes. Anyone from hobbyists to enterprise product managers can register for a Qualcomm ID. It's easy and typically takes just 1 business day to get approved!

What email address should I use to register for a Qualcomm ID?

In order to access authorized resourcs, you will need to register using your company email address.  You can register for an account using a large email service provider email address (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), however these types of accounts can only access "registered" resources.

How do I accept Qualcomm's license agreement?

Accepting our digital license agreement is easy! You can access it on any product or solution page.

How will I know if I belong to a verified company?

The blue verified badge in your Qualcomm ID settings lets you know that your company has been verified. You will be automatically verified if you register using an email address belonging to a company with an established relationship with Qualcomm or one of its distributors.

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