The Qualcomm Software Accelerator Program

The Qualcomm® Software Accelerator Program is designed to enable the development of advanced software features and applications that utilize the capabilities of Qualcomm Technologies software and/or processors.. This program offers expert consultation to architect solutions, as well as training and support services, helping members deliver pre-integrated, optimized solutions. The program also gives members an entry to OEMs searching for advanced software solutions that can be deployed quickly. Our goal is to foster a rich ecosystem of collaborations that deliver differentiated solutions and mutually beneficial relationships between software providers, OEMs and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI).

Engagement models

Traditional model

In the traditional engagement model software providers work individually with a limited set of OEMs, gaining access to QTI development resources and support indirectly through the OEMs they are engaged with. In contrast, the Qualcomm Software Accelerator Program provides direct engagement with QTI, accelerating development by providing access to tools and resources, including pre-commercial products, and direct support from QTI.

Accelerated model

The accelerated model helps expand the addressable OEM audience for Qualcomm Software Accelerator Members by speeding their development in pace with critical OEM launch windows, and benefits OEMs by offering faster integration of software solutions for differentiated devices with improved time-tocommercialization.

Program benefits

Deep technology access

Our product kits of bundled resources include access to native APIs, documentation, tools, as well as early access to hardware development platforms. Members can run complex algorithms with higher performance at lower power consumption, providing the foundation for building differentiated solutions.

Faster time to commercialization

In addition to pre-commercial access to product kit resources, members receive access to training and direct technical support from QTI. Members can accelerate their development in pace with critical OEM launch windows and minimize device integration requirements, so they can focus on feature innovation.

Increased business opportunities

Members can design their solutions for easier integration and in pace with QTI processor availability, greatly expanding the addressable opportunity. QTI works to promote member offerings through OEM customer-facing systems, helping to broaden members’ reach to OEMs.QTI also prioritizes members for comarketing opportunities.

Program member resources

The Software Accelerator Program is focused on integrated SoCs within the Qualcomm processor portfolio, including Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platforms and select processors in our XR, IoT and Automotive offering. These heterogeneous processors contain programmable processing engines (CPU, GPU, DSP, ISP) offering great flexibility to choose the right core for the task. This allows complex algorithms to leverage concurrency and improve performance while simultaneously reducing power.


Audio & Speech

Camera & Video


There are SDKs and heterogeneous compute tools publicly available on Qualcomm Developer Network allowing software providers to maximize hardware performance while simplifying software development.Through the Qualcomm Software Accelerator Program, we’re offering even deeper access to native APIs and tools associated with the heterogenous architecture by providing, under commercial license, technology-specific product kits, starting with AI, audio & speech, camera & video, and sensors.

Some of our members

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