Qualcomm Authorized Distributor Program

Access your one-stop sales advantage.

As part of the Qualcomm Advantage Network, the Qualcomm® Authorized Distributor Program gives you exclusive benefits designed to help accelerate your sales. This invitation-only program for distributors and manufacturer representatives gives you convenient centralized access to design win registration, pricing, and quoting, along with sales support forums, promotional resources, and the latest product news.

Accelerate sales and build business relationships.

Product knowledge

Gain sharper, experienced insights into Qualcomm products and their technical features, targeted use cases, and how they fit in the competitive landscape so you can pitch with confidence.

Sales resources

Access the product knowledge and sell-in tools you need to effectively position and promote our products. From pitch decks and product brochures to case studies, you’ll have the sales resources needed to set you up for success.

Manage your business, easier

Enjoy convenient, single-source access to design registration, pricing, and quoting; collaborate directly with Qualcomm account representatives; and participate in valuable discussion groups to share insights and experience.

Member login and registration.

The Qualcomm Authorized Distributor Program is an invitation-only program for companies already working with us. To learn more about this program, contact your Qualcomm account lead. If your company is a member, login or register below.