Qualcomm Support

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Product Support

Get technical information and support for our products.


CreatePoint provides access to various materials your company has licensed for building and launching devices including the resources, tools, and support you need to create a device using our products and solutions. Get hardware and software documents and engineering tools, browse compatible third party hardware components and submit support cases.

Qualcomm Developer Network

Developers can learn about developing for platforms, view documentation and projects, get sample code, watch video tutorials, and get access to forums through Qualcomm® Developer Network.

Qualcomm ChipCode

Qualcomm ChipCode™ portal uses Git and is the software code repository for our products.

Code Aurora Foundation

The Code Aurora Foundation (CAF) serves the mobile wireless ecosystem by hosting tested open source code needed to provide upstream enablement for network connectivity to support SoC products.

Sales Support

Get information on doing business with Qualcomm.

Qualcomm Advantage Network

Qualcomm Advantage Network is exclusively designed for companies working with Qualcomm Technologies to grow their business. Qualcomm Advantage Network provides qualified members with access to resources, member matchmaking and marketing opportunities through tailored programs.

Sales Center

Sales Center gives our product distributors a multi-enterprise resource planning (ERP) view into all customer sales transactions, provides notifications for orders, keeps track of order documentation, and more.

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