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It’s here. Industry-leading voice and music technology solutions that are designed to provide premium wireless audio connectivity, unprecedented levels of integration, immersive sound quality, and on-device AI for smarter audio applications. All so that you can push the envelope on what’s possible for richer, high-quality audio experiences for consumer electronics users.

Qualcomm QCS400 smart audio SoC series

Mar 19, 2019


Imagine what you can create with our voice and music solutions.

Easier to deploy

End-to-end technology platforms are easier to integrate, helping to reduce development time — and with lower development costs — so you can focus on your core high-end audio expertise.

Superior sound quality

Sound quality matters to consumers. With our voice and music technologies you can create products that are designed to deliver truly superior audio experiences and next-gen voice control, both at home and on-the-go.

Premium audio portfolio

Our portfolio includes unique audio platforms tailored for applications across the audio ecosystem, ranging from low-cost to premium audio applications. Supporting advanced capabilities, they provide superior connectivity, interoperability, and audio quality.

Simplified product development

Our audio platforms are engineered to be flexible and scalable, letting you create a full suite of audio products—and benefit from a simplified BOM, fewer suppliers, and lower development overhead.

Unique customization

Our smart audio platforms are designed to be readily configured and modified to help meet your specific requirements and customization needs to develop truly differentiated audio products.

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Headphones and Headsets

Discover Qualcomm Technologies’ comprehensive platform solutions for wired and wireless headphone and headset types—supporting rich, high-quality sound and meeting a wide range of aesthetic and consumer needs.

Bluetooth Speakers

Explore Qualcomm Technologies’ silicon and software solutions for most types of Bluetooth wireless speakers—providing exceptional sound quality and streaming capabilities, low-latency connectivity and rich functionality.

Smart Speakers

Discover Qualcomm Technologies’ platform solutions for smart speakers, supporting superior connectivity, feature-rich support, and premium audio quality.

Soundbars and Home Theater

Qualcomm Technologies’ comprehensive platforms for soundbar and home theater products support superior sound quality, rich listening experiences, and excellent wireless connectivity.


Our latest Qualcomm® DDFA™ digital amplifier technology is the result of over ten years of R&D, with the aim of helping to bring high-end amplification to more consumer audio devices than ever before.

High-quality wireless Bluetooth audio with aptX™

Qualcomm® aptX™ audio technology supports high-resolution sound quality over a Bluetooth connection, making it a key product differentiator for true audiophiles. aptX is available in over 320 leading audio brands for headphones, headsets, automotive audio, speakers, mobile devices, gaming products, and as part of home entertainment ecosystems. Consumers look for the aptX logo on product packaging to ensure they’re getting the highest quality sound.

Extend your device capabilities with our eXtension Program solutions

Consumers expect the latest in audio functionality from their headsets and speakers, placing an ongoing demand on manufacturers to innovate and deliver new features and use cases. The extension program is designed to help our customers facilitate the integration of new and differentiating features more efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Qualcomm DDFA and Qualcomm aptX are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

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Immersive Audio Use Case Animation

Mar 19, 2019


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Mar 19, 2019


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Mar 19, 2019


Smart Audio Use Case Animation

Mar 19, 2019


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