Delivering networks that just work.

Networks define the experiences that happen when our devices, homes, businesses and cities are connected all around us. Qualcomm Technologies is creating the foundation for today’s ever-growing, ever-changing networks. Our network capacity innovations, among others, are meeting that insatiable demand, delivering intelligence instead of complexity, and blurring the lines between technologies—all to deliver networks that just work. 

Outpacing the demands of today’s networks.

Today, with increasing network convergence, practically everything is connected, and everyone is consuming data almost everywhere. Qualcomm helps manufacturers and carriers stay ahead of these demands with premium wireless and wireline solutions that serve up the constant stream of media and information that fuels our connected lives.

Accelerating What’s Next

First with MU-MIMO and 802.11ad, and now with 802.11ax. We’re driving state-of-the-art technologies across the ecosystem to make the future of connectivity a reality sooner than you expect. Long before the smartphone revolution, our innovations were driving wireless networks into homes and businesses. As network bandwidth and capacity demands expand with mobile and IoT, Qualcomm Technologies is providing intelligent connectivity platforms to meet the skyrocketing demand—today and for the future.

Platforms built for performance

Our networking platforms draw from our extensive portfolio of connectivity and computing technologies to deliver the speed, capacity and reliability that today’s networks demand. From 802.11ac with MU-MIMO and 802.11ad, to the powerful Qualcomm Internet Processors, our networking solutions keep home and business networks running at peak performance.

Intelligence for a smarter network

Delivering unique innovations that overcome the challenges standing in the way of great experiences. Award-winning features like Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON are solving real-world pain points by simplifying set-up and automating network management.

Proven Leadership

We aren’t just inventing game-changing networking technologies. We’re working across the industry to create standards and drive them into disparate markets in unison – all to accelerate the realization of better connected experiences for consumers and businesses.

Discover networking solutions

Home networks

Fast and reliable connectivity in every corner of the home. We’re making home networks more powerful to meet skyrocketing data demands, and overcoming the common challenges impacting our connected experiences.

Enterprise networks

Delivering the extreme network capacity, performance and scalability to handle the extreme demands of today’s corporate, university, stadium and healthcare networks. 

Carrier networks

Strong, reliable connectivity is paramount to delivering broadband and media services. Service providers around the globe are deploying our wireline and wireless solutions to ensure the best connected experiences in homes and hotspots.

Leading the way in networking devices.

We work with the world’s leading brands of home and enterprise equipment to deliver cutting-edge networking products. 

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