Tablet processors that combine the convenience of portability with the power of connectivity.

The next-generation of mobility is here—in tablet form. With our established portfolio of Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platforms and processors, OEMs can accelerate their entry into the rapidly emerging connected tablet ecosystem while building on the success of their existing products. Our integrated tablet processors enable the popular features users expect in a mobile device—including blazing-fast processing speeds, leading 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, and high-fidelity audio and crisp video for an on-the-go theater experience. With our integrated Snapdragon tablet processors, OEMs can build take-anywhere devices that deliver the performance of a desktop computer.

Shape the next generation of connected 4G LTE tablets with Snapdragon processors.

Our tablet technology helps you build 4G LTE-connected tablets that boast power and performance in a slim design. With Snapdragon processors and modems, OEMs have access to the latest smart tablet design technology.

Build 4G-connected tablets that boast power and performance in a slim design. With Snapdragon processors and modems, OEMs have access to our latest smart mobile technology. 

Responsive connectivity

Ensure that tablets stay connected with Snapdragon processors and modems. With support for 4G, 4G+ LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth—and backward compatibility with legacy 3G networks—our connectivity solutions provide high-throughput wireless access with less interference, even in busy areas. Now, whether connecting via Wi-Fi or cellular networks, users can stay in touch from virtually anywhere.

Portable theater experience

Experience brilliant video and immersive audio on the go with tablets powered by Snapdragon processors. With LTE connectivity you can stream your favorite shows and movies virtually seamlessly, wherever you are, with or without Wi-Fi access. Your Snapdragon-powered tablet becomes a portable theater with crystal-clear Dolby sound, super-sharp video and display rendering, and accurate, true-to-life color.

Increased productivity

4G LTE tablets have the potential to maximize a user’s productivity by integrating workflow into the management of daily life. Snapdragon processors offer unique advantages for tablet design, including increased productivity, including reliable always-on connectivity with industry leading speeds and battery life and support for the widest variety of operating systems and frequency bands.

Platforms and parts

Snapdragon 800 Series

Experience the ultimate in advanced tablet processing power and efficiency with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series of mobile platforms and processors. With multi-core CPUs and 4G LTE connectivity, these processors are designed to support leading-edge mobile performance.

Snapdragon 600 Series

Deliver exceptional user experiences with Snapdragon 600 series processors. Engineered to enable fast uploads and downloads for powerful tablets, Snapdragon 600 processors feature a tightly integrated on-board computing system that reduces power usage while maximizing performance.

Snapdragon 400 Series

With Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 series processors, OEMs can deliver the most popular tablet features, including high-fidelity audio, Full HD displays, high-resolution screens and optimized Internet connectivity. Designed for mid-tier devices, Snapdragon 400 processors offer high-performance functionality at an affordable price point.

Snapdragon 200 Series

The Snapdragon 200 series of processors provides OEMs with a solution that supports power and performance at an accessible price point. With support for fundamental mobile applications, this series provides vibrant HD visuals, premium multichannel audio and smooth app navigation, all while optimizing battery life.

Explore the latest in tablet technology powered by Snapdragon.

Snapdragon mobile platforms and processors are inside many of the industry’s finest tablet designs—enabling the brilliant, high-resolution screens, premium audio and ultra-fast processing that deliver an optimum viewing experience.

Qualcomm Developer Network (QDN)

Become a part of the Qualcomm Developer Network (QDN), our community of coders building the most innovative technologies in the world. The QDN has hardware and software platforms that inspire developers to create industry-leading tablets, which set the standard for the latest in-demand devices. Whether you’re engineering high-performance apps, immersive gaming or VR experiences, or 3D adventures, we have the right tools to maximize your development efforts.