Enterprise Mobility

Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Mobilize your workforce with Snapdragon 4G LTE.

With Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ modems built into your mobile device, you can stay connected to the world and to your customers. Snapdragon 4G LTE multimode also offers backwards compatibility to legacy 2G/3G network technologies so you can use your device at customer sites in remote areas, as well as in metropolitan areas that offer 4G LTE coverage.

Snapdragon Enterprise Overview

Aug 31, 2015


Work at the speed of business.

The latest Snapdragon modems make it possible to connect to blazing-fast 4G LTE Advanced networks, which can transfer data at up to 300Mpbs. Files upload faster, emails are sent without delay and your team can move as quickly as business does.

Cost-Conscious Connectivity

Laptops and tablets with the latest Snapdragon 4G LTE multimode modems are unlocked and backwards compatible to major 3G/4G networks worldwide. Now you can buy your device, then choose a carrier based on price and coverage. Connect to fast 3G/4G networks with flexible pay-as-you-go or share-everything data plans instead of searching for the internet at costly WiFi hotspots while traveling. Insert a SIM with an active data plan, and you’re ready to connect when opportunity calls.

Give your mobile data a bodyguard.

Snapdragon 3G/4G LTE technology runs on licensed wireless spectrums that are designed to provide a secure connection and help protect personal and business data. If a notebook or tablet is lost or stolen, Snapdragon modems are equipped with built-in GPS capabilities so you can stay on top of security with third party software that helps with navigation, geo-fencing, asset tracking and anti-theft. You can also protect company assets by locating a lost device and remotely wiping sensitive data, all over a 3G/4G connection for real time data protection.