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Qualcomm Quick Charge and Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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Change the way you charge.

Waiting for your phone to charge is a thing of the past. Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ technology is designed to deliver lightning-fast charging in phones and smart devices featuring Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ mobile platforms and processors, giving you the power—and the time—to do more.

Less time plugged in, more time for going out.

The latest Quick Charge technology can decrease the amount of time you spend tethered to an outlet giving your device 5 for 5 — that’s 5 hours of battery life from 5 minutes of charging1. Using certain Snapdragon-powered devices with a Quick Charge certified power adapter and any USB connector, including Type-C, you can refill the battery of enabled devices up to 4X2 faster than with conventional charging.

Experience Quick Charge firsthand.

Wall Chargers
Car Chargers
Power Banks
Power Controllers


Quick Charge can help smartphones like the LG G7 ThinQ charge faster.

Wall Chargers

Get up to 4X faster charging, as compared to conventional charging, from any power outlet using a wall charger that's UL-certified to work with Quick Charge.

Car Chargers

Power up your device fast even when you're on the road. Quick Charge certified car adapters perform up to 4X faster than conventional chargers.

Power Banks

Take super-fast charging wherever you go. Power banks featuring Quick Charge enable your devices to keep going, even when an outlet isn't available.

Power Controllers

The component within your Quick Charge accessories, certified power controllers, support accurate communication and rapid charging of your devices.


Featured Controllers: Dialog Semiconductor, EOSMEM Corporation, Feature Integration Technology, ON Semiconductor, Power Integrations, Silego Technologies


Full List of Quick Charge Devices, Accessories, and Power Controllers

Get speed that's been put to the test.

You can't get blazing-fast speed with just any power adapter. Quick Charge technology works with existing USB charging solutions, but it takes a certified accessory to achieve truly amazing speeds. If you want to recharge your devices in a fraction of the time, look for the Quick Charge icon and check the list of devices and accessories.


Interested in applying for Quick Charge testing and certification? Use one of the vendors listed below.

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Qualcomm Quick Charge Videos

Change the way you charge

Aug 15, 2018


Introducing Quick Charge 3.0

Nov 19, 2015


1 Quick Charge is designed to allow devices to support 5 hours of talk time with 5 minutes of charging. Actual results may vary depending on device design.

2 Based on internal tests charging a 2750mAh fast charge battery and using the maximum power for a thermal limit of 40C for all charging implementations. Charge time based on 0% to 50% utilizing 2017 charging Implementations (September 2016). Actual results may vary depending on device design.