Soundbars and Home Theater

Deliver first-rate home theater audio.

Develop high-performance, high-quality sound products with Qualcomm Technologies’ soundbar and home theater solutions. Our platform solutions are designed to be easy to integrate and offer advanced, unique features that support superior sound, excellent wireless connectivity and differentiation for any tier and type of end product. 

Tackle product development challenges.

Customers face numerous challenges when creating leading wired and wireless soundbar and home theater products. In today’s competitive environment, optimizing bill of materials (BOM) costs can be difficult while continuing to add new, unique features and technologies that ensure high performance and excellent sound quality—all of which are increasingly required for successful consumer adoption. End products must also deliver powerful, robust wireless connectivity and support audio streaming from all devices.


Our flexible solutions are fully-featured, offer a superior listening experience and are cost-effective to implement into a wide range of products—enabling customers to reduce development costs while providing consumers with some of the best wireless technology available.

Complete platforms

Quickly and easily build feature-rich soundbar products with our comprehensive platforms, combining multiple leading technologies and enabling a simplified BOM that help you commercialize products faster.

Soundbar solutions

Quickly develop any tier of soundbar product with our large portfolio of cost-effective, fully-featured platform solutions.

Easy integration

Readily customize our platforms to meet your product’s application-specific needs, with flexible and easy integration and minimal development overhead.


Develop with robust, advanced Wi-Fi connectivity, even in areas prone to Wi-Fi disruption or interference, and support low-frequency audio transition between soundbar and subwoofers.


Deliver consistent, high-quality audio over Bluetooth while ensuring that high-quality sound is not affected by Bluetooth transmission, and provide high quality streaming media from any connected device.

Low-latency connectivity

Support networked audio and control, even for gaming applications.

The State of Play report.

This report looks at the present state of wireless device-to-device and networked audio, consumer audio trends, buying decisions and attitudes towards in-car listening. It identifies key consumer expectations, pain points and purchase drivers.

Get started building with our soundbar and home theater solutions.