Smart Speakers

Build smart speakers with Qualcomm Audio.

Create more intelligent, intuitive smart speaker systems and voice-enabled home assistants utilizing Qualcomm Technologies’ smart speaker solutions. Our integrated, optimized platforms guarantee superior connectivity, voice control and processing with quality audio performance. Now, sound enthusiasts can enjoy features such as contextual awareness, natural language, music playback, news delivery, and hundreds of new use cases in the future.

Overcome product development challenges common with smart Bluetooth speaker systems.

For customers to stay ahead of the competition, they must meet two key requirements as they build smart speakers. First, they need to develop end products quickly and at a low cost, while supporting effective smart speaker voice interaction and overcoming audio performance degradation. Second, smart Bluetooth speakers should be interactive and connected to satisfy consumer demand.


Our single-solution smart speaker system platform combines multiple industry-leading technologies, enabling customers to quickly and easily develop smart speakers that differentiate on acoustic design, audio digital signal processor (DSP) processing, apps and cloud service partnerships—all while providing superior sound in intelligent and connected smart Bluetooth speaker products.

An industry-leading smart speaker system platform

Develop highly compatible smart speakers with powerful connectivity and provide support for a wide range of streaming music services.

Integrated, ready-to-use platform

Quickly and easily build feature-rich smart speakers with support for voice control and voice input.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Create smart speakers with robust internet connectivity that keep a strong and smooth connection—even in areas prone to Wi-Fi disruption. 

Easy integration

Customize our platforms to meet application-specific needs while minimizing your development overhead.

AllJoyn® technology

Deliver seamless interactivity and interoperability with proximal devices and systems using the AllJoyn open source software framework.

Dedicated applications processor

Enable applications like streaming music services to run with optimal performance.

Advanced display capabilities

Develop smart speakers with display interfaces that support visually rich applications and graphics, such as album cover art.

The State of Play report.

This report looks at the present state of wireless device-to-device and networked audio, consumer audio trends, buying decisions and attitudes towards in-car listening. It identifies key consumer expectations, pain points and purchase drivers.

Get started building with our speaker solutions.