Networked Speakers

Deliver superior audio streaming experiences with network speakers.

Create advanced, feature-rich network wireless speaker products with Qualcomm Technologies’ wireless speaker networking and whole-home audio solutions. Our platform solutions for network wireless speakers are easy to integrate, provide high-quality sound and instant support for a wide range of music streaming services, and offer powerful wireless connectivity and leading compatibility features.

Overcome product development challenges common with Bluetooth speaker networks.

Using the right Bluetooth speaker network technology platform is crucial for customers to overcome challenges associated with developing networked speakers and products. To stay competitive, they must provide consumers with wireless music sharing across multiple speakers, high-resolution audio and high-quality music streaming.


Our solutions for Wi-Fi speakers allow for quick, cost-effective development of networked speakers and related products that deliver exceptional quality, optimize development time and offer superior integration and compatibility across the audio ecosystem. For consumers, they support excellent performance in crowded wireless environments, superior audio playback and cloud-based music streaming.

Industry-leading Wi-Fi speakers platform

Easily develop highly compatible networked wireless speakers with powerful connectivity and support for a wide range of music streaming music services.

Ready to use Bluetooth speaker network

Create all types and tiers of feature-rich network wireless speakers quickly and easily with our ready-to-use, customizable Bluetooth speaker network platforms.

Easy integration

Meet application-specific needs with readily customized platforms, offering flexible and easy integration with minimal product development time and cost.

Powerful Wi-Fi Speakers

Develop with robust Wi-Fi connectivity, even in areas prone to Wi-Fi disruption or interference.

Reliable Bluetooth

Get consistent, high-quality sound over leading Bluetooth transmission. 

Low-latency connectivity

Bring networked speakers and control to numerous applications, including gaming where low latency is essential.

Ultra-low power

Build feature-rich networked speakers without unnecessarily compromising on battery life.

Compatible connectivity.

Wireless speakers and audio devices that use the Qualcomm® AllPlay™ smart media platform can work together seamlessly regardless of product brand. AllPlay helps manufacturers create compatible devices and services. It also helps developers create compatible Android and iOS music streaming applications, so you can have a high-quality whole-home audio experience.

Leading OEMs leverage our solutions.

The State of Play report.

This report looks at the present state of wireless device-to-device and networked audio, consumer audio trends, buying decisions and attitudes towards in-car listening. It identifies key consumer expectations, pain points and purchase drivers.

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