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Offer better listening with advanced connectivity and compatibility.

Qualcomm Technologies’ voice and music solutions provide premium wireless audio connectivity and technology, resulting in leading high end audio products that seamlessly support music from nearly any source. Building on a strong heritage in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, mobile devices and audio, our audio platforms allow our customers to build premium audio products and music platforms with the freedom of wireless.

Discover the advantages of developing with Qualcomm Technologies' voice and music solutions.

Easy to deploy

Ready-to-use music platforms are easy to integrate, allowing customers to commercialize products quickly and with minimal development costs, focusing on their core high end audio expertise.

Sound quality with advanced capabilities

Customers using our music platforms target product differentiation through increased feature sets and superior performance across functionality, sound quality, power usage and price.

Comprehensive premium audio portfolio

Comprehensive product platforms enable us to provide unique solutions across the audio ecosystem, ranging from low-cost to premium high end audio applications. Our music platforms support advanced and unique features, and provide seamless connectivity, interoperability and superior premium audio quality.

Comprehensive music platforms

Our wide-ranging selection of product platforms are engineered for a variety of purposes. This enables customers to build a full suite of high end audio products on the same technology and benefit from a simplified bill of materials (BOM), fewer suppliers and lower development overhead.

Unique customization

Platforms can be readily configured and modified to meet specific customer requirements, allowing for the efficient customization that is often needed to develop unique high end audio products.

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Headphones and Headsets

Discover Qualcomm Technologies’ comprehensive platform solutions for wired and wireless headphone and headset types—supporting rich, high-quality sound and meeting a wide range of aesthetic and consumer needs.

Bluetooth Speakers

Explore Qualcomm Technologies’ silicon and software solutions for most types of Bluetooth wireless speakers—providing exceptional sound quality and streaming capabilities, low-latency connectivity and rich functionality.

Networked Speakers

Learn about Qualcomm Technologies’ comprehensive platform for wireless speaker networking and whole-home audio—supporting exceptional sound quality performance, connectivity, smooth integration and compatibility.

Smart Speakers

Discover Qualcomm Technologies’ platform solutions for smart speakers, supporting superior connectivity, rich feature support and excellent premium audio quality.

Soundbars and Home Theater

Qualcomm Technologies’ comprehensive platforms for soundbar and home theater products support superior sound quality and listening experiences and excellent wireless connectivity.

Deliver the highest quality wireless Bluetooth audio with aptX™.

Qualcomm® aptX™ audio technology supports CD-like sound quality over a Bluetooth connection, making it a key product differentiator for true audiophiles. AptX is available in over 320 leading audio brands for headphones, headsets, automotive audio, speakers, mobile devices, gaming products and as part of Home Entertainment Ecosystems. Consumers look for the aptX logo on product packaging to ensure they’re getting the highest quality sound.

Provide seamless, wireless connectivity with AllPlay™.

Wireless speakers and audio devices that use the Qualcomm® AllPlay™ smart media platform are designed to easily work together, regardless of product brand. AllPlay helps customers create compatible devices and services, and helps developers create compatible Android and iOS music streaming applications—giving users a high-quality, whole-home audio experience.

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We work with customers at the forefront of providing consumers with the best possible premium audio products.

The State of Play report.

This report looks at the present state of wireless device-to-device and networked audio, consumer audio trends, buying decisions and attitudes towards in-car listening. It identifies key consumer expectations, pain points and purchase drivers.

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