Transform houses into smart homes.

We are combining the power of interoperability, connectivity and machine intelligence to define the future of smart home technology. Qualcomm Technologies is working with industry-leading customers and developers to support secure, low-power, end-to-end solutions that improve the way consumers interact with and manage their automated devices. By connecting devices and appliances to everyday tasks—from opening the garage door to detecting break-ins to providing security for the entire property—our smart technology solutions are enabling a new breed of apps and services that deliver the power of the cloud to your home.

Connectivity solutions that support a wide range of devices.

Comprehensive portfolio

Our broad range of computing and connectivity technologies enable a fast commercialization timeline, bringing innovative new products to consumers at a rate that exceeds demand. Working with our reference designs and comprehensive platform solutions, customers can focus development efforts on using their core differentiation to build new devices that make the smart home a reality.

Reliable connectivity

Connectivity is at the heart of smart home solutions, enabling everything from smart appliances to lighting, from temperature control to security. Our comprehensive solutions include connectivity and wireless reference designs that help customers build products which allow homeowners to easily automate their homes—with everything from smart speakers to customizable lighting to virtual home assistants.

Rapid commercialization

Qualcomm Technologies is working closely with industry leaders to increase interoperability throughout the ecosystem, providing a platform approach that addresses fragmentation so consumers can easily adopt new devices into their homes.

End-to-end solutions

To help advance the development efforts of our customers, our Smart Home platforms and wireless solutions connect all devices throughout the home to cloud computing services via a variety of options, including sensors, Smart Gateways or directly to the cloud itself. Now consumers can effortlessly create a connected lifestyle, with in-demand entertainment, camera and home automation devices.

Multi-industry interoperability

Qualcomm Smart Home connectivity solutions support the industry-leading ecosystems that our customers rely on. We help solve the challenges of industry fragmentation through our close collaboration with industry leaders, enabling customers to work with multiple ecosystems including Apple HomeKit, Google Weave, the AllSeen Alliance and the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF).

Reliable security

Protect smart homes against hackers with our proven security solutions, which provide malware detection, theft deterrence and advanced authentication features. The sophisticated feature set of our security platform enables customers to offer the latest in smart technology with the built-in security against ever-increasing threats. 

IoT Security Solutions

The IoT is connecting people, places and devices at a rapid pace. With the surge of connected devices comes the demand and necessity to implement security features for IoT devices. Qualcomm Technologies has a long heritage of providing mobile security solutions. Today, our security solutions are found in billions of commercial devices around the world, utilizing our proven mobile solutions for consumer and industrial IoT applications.

Discover our smart home solutions

Home Appliances

Discover Qualcomm Technologies’ complete portfolio for home appliance connectivity, enabling the remote control of appliances to promote energy savings and provide the convenience of remote diagnostic monitoring—all from the smart phone.

Home Lighting

Qualcomm Technologies’ connectivity platform for home lighting enables products that enhance the home environment, from customized lighting that varies with the time of day to timers that turn on automatically for a warm welcome home. Our connected lighting solutions include support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CSRmesh and other technologies to create inventive new possibilities for lighting. 

Home Security

Explore Qualcomm Technologies’ advanced connectivity, camera and home security solutions that help customers to develop security and automation products for a safe, connected smart home.    

Working together to lead the smart home initiative.

We are working with industry-leading customers to develop innovative smart home products.

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