Commercial and Industrial

Use commercial connected technologies to meet your efficiency and dependability goals.

Qualcomm Technologies’ commercial and industrial networking solutions are designed to support fast access to information sharing across a wide range of settings, including commercial, industrial and retail environments—helping your businesses and organizations be more efficient and effective.

Overcome product development challenges.

Creating more interconnected key business and operational assets in commercial and industrial environments can be extremely challenging. Access to real-time data or information is crucial to be able to make more informed decisions quickly, accurately and efficiently in order to maintain a significant competitive advantage.


Our product development technologies and solutions assist customers in developing products that provide computing, connectivity and information sharing all along the supply, logistics and customer service chains. And our cellular solutions offer state-of-the-art security features for access via mobile networks that support encryption for connected elements.

Excellent Performance

Deliver multimode/multiband capabilities that deliver seamless interoperability and superior performance across commercial connected network technologies, including LTE TDD, LTE FDD, WCDMA, 1x, DO and GSM.

Widespread connectivity

Support varying needs of commercial and industrial applications with our tri-band Wi-Fi. Our industrial networking solutions are designed to deliver a range of connectivity—from covering entire spaces with the high speeds of 802.11ac, to providing zones of multi-gigabit capacity with 802.11ad, to serving multiple devices simultaneously with Qualcomm® MU | EFX multi-user MIMO.

Bluetooth connectivity

Simplify product integration and eliminate interface components with our extensive and flexible Bluetooth capabilities, offering an optimal balance of power, features and cost for each use case.

Low power consumption

Enable ideal energy efficiency with our optimized system architecture.

Robust security

Create security-rich commercial and industrial environments with our built-in security features that enable enhanced malware detection, theft deterrence, content protection and user authentication.

Integrated AP

Support ARM Cortex A7, Linux OS and other technologies with our integrated application processor (AP).

Integrated GNSS

Deliver precise position location utilizing our Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS/GNSS) technology.

Commercial maturity

Take advantage of our proven technology leadership in commercial and industrial solutions, global Internet of Things (IoT) experience and past large-scale deployments.

Discover our platforms for smart city commercial and industrial projects.

Our industrial network solutions and platforms provide device and equipment developers and enterprise businesses with the computing and connectivity needed to create a wide range of end products, including

  • Point of sale (POS) systems
  • Asset tracking devices
  • Industrial gateways

Explore commercial and industrial technologies.

LTE for IoT

LTE continues to evolve through new technologies and a scalable platform for connecting a wide range of consumer and enterprise IoT applications. LTE has also become one of the fastest growing wireless technologies, with a vibrant ecosystem backed by a common global standard. It provides a solid foundation for the growth of IoT connectivity, now and in the future.


Qualcomm is advancing connected commercial and industrial solutions as we push forward with 5G technology. We envision 5G as a new way to enable services, connect industries and devices and empower user experiences.

Get started building with our solutions.