Function meets fashion with Snapdragon Wear.

Build thinner, sleeker, longer-lasting wearable devices that stay connected and support always-on sensing with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Wear. Featured in more than 100 wearable electronics shipped to over 30 countries around the world, our portfolio of products is designed to enable the world’s smartest wearables. We worked with leading fashion houses, manufacturers and app developers to define a purpose-built platform for the next generation of tethered and LTE-connected wearable devices.

Discover why leading wearable manufacturers rely on Qualcomm Technologies’ processors.

Stay ahead of the latest trends in the wearables market with Qualcomm Technologies’ wearable solutions. With advancements in power, size, sensor integration and connectivity, our wearable technology platform enables OEMs to create stylish wearables that deliver on battery life and performance. Snapdragon Wear processors are an integral component of over 100 devices shipped worldwide, including more than 80% of Android Wear watches.

Comprehensive connectivity portfolio

Build wearable electronics that can connect from virtually anywhere with our full range of connectivity solutions, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), Near Field Communication (NFC), 3G/4G LTE and robust 8c GNSS location.

Small size, sleek design

Design wearables that will turn heads. Our wearables solutions are compact in size but big on features, enabling end products that deliver powerful functionality in a small package.

Low power

More time between charging means greater usability. Our wearable technology solutions rely on a low-power single printed circuit board (PCB) for tethered and connected products that won’t drain battery life.

Smart sensing

Improve the user experience by delivering more precise data points. Our integrated low-power sensor hub enables richer algorithms, providing greater accuracy to devices like sports watches and kid trackers.

Always-on connectivity

Now users can leave their smartphone behind. Our wearable solutions combine 3G/4G LTE and integrated GNSS with low-power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for always-on connectivity that doesn’t require 24/7 smartphone access. 

Operating system flexibility

To ensure compatibility with wearable devices from leading manufacturers, our technology supports all major open and proprietary operating systems.

Advanced functionality

Build on the essentials to offer next-generation features and functionality, including a low-power, always-on sensor core; high-quality wireless audio; and support for wrist-based payments with integrated NFC—providing the ultimate wearable device experience.

Unique knowledge base

Working with industry-leading manufacturers and developers, Qualcomm continues to innovate in the wearable market space, offering the tools and resources needed to develop compelling watches, cameras, eyewear, trackers and other wearable devices.

Wearable devices that pack a powerful punch.

From watches to trackers, headsets to eyewear, if you can build it, our Snapdragon Wear processors can power it.

  • Smart watches
  • Kid and elderly watches & trackers
  • Smart eyewear
  • Fitness trackers
  • Sports watches
  • Smart headsets
  • Wearable accessories

Get started building with our wearable solutions.

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