Build connected printers that enable anywhere printing.

Make anywhere printing a reality with smart printers and scanners that seamlessly connect to a variety of smartphones and tablets. Our system controller solutions make it easy for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to build leading smart printer products. An effective print management solution, connecting printers and scanners to the Internet offers users the freedom and flexibility to print from across the room or across town and addresses the hassle of relying on a fixed computer for printing.

Broaden your product portfolio with our connected printer solutions.

Design a next-generation print management strategy with connected printers and scanners with the Quatro® family of programmable processors. With the programmable cores of the Quatro system-on-chip (SoC) solutions, developers can implement unique features that allow OEMs to differentiate their product offerings. And with a single firmware base, OEMs can efficiently build cost-effective controllers for a wide range of easy-to-connect products, from single-function printers to multifunction printers and scanners.

High-performance ARM CPU

Develop feature-rich printers and scanners with our SoC print management solutions, which embed a high-performance ARM® CPU core for processing page description languages (PDL) and a Quatro SIMD DSP core for print acceleration and copy/scan image processing.

Single firmware base

Build cost-effective controllers for a wide variety of products using a single firmware base. This increase in design simplicity allows OEMs to efficiently develop distinctive product offerings. 

Programmable architectures

Offer a diversified portfolio of connected printers and scanners with the Quatro programmable architecture. Developers can implement unique features, image processing algorithms and mechanism control thanks to the flexibility of the Quatro SoC’s programmable cores. 

Flexible solutions – broad product range

Efficiently increase the range of product offerings with our robust software solutions, which provide support for print acceleration, copy/scan image processing and language processing. 

IPS print interpreter

Enable availability of the latest language features with our IPS universal print interpreter, which handles all standard formats and the industry’s most widely used print language software. 

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