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Streamline on-board computing with our drone and robot solutions.

Next-generation drones and robots can be smarter, lighter and faster than their predecessors, thanks to streamlined solutions that combine multiple computing functions onto a single board. Qualcomm’s drone and robotics technologies reduce the on-board computing footprint while offering robust connectivity, advanced processing power and longer battery life. And a smaller footprint reduces design complexity, so original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can offer more affordable smart drones and robots to a wider audience.

Single-board technology enables smarter, faster drones and robots.

Engineer sleeker, lighter, easier-to-use drones and robots with Snapdragon Flight. This technology integrates 4K high-resolution camera support, real-time flight control and highly accurate location positioning onto a single board, enabling OEMs to create smaller, more robust drones and robots.

Heterogeneous platform

Build smart drones and robotic components with our powerful, heterogeneous platform, which helps OEMs innovate safer, lighter drones and robots while reducing cost—opening the market to a broader range of consumers.

Autonomous flight

OEMs can add self-awareness and autonomy to their drone and robot offerings with our advanced technology platform, which combines built-in sensors with 3D environment mapping for self-guided flight.

Low power

Combining multiple components onto a single board provides a low-power, lightweight solution that offers advanced flight control and connectivity.

Reliable software

Our Snapdragon Navigator software provides intelligent navigation, allowing drones to perceive and react to objects in flight paths for safer, more reliable navigation.

Intelligent motor control

Snapdragon Flight includes intelligent motor control and 500Hz latitude processing for a stable flight experience, reduced engine strain and increased battery life.

Position control

Make smoother flights possible with our advanced position control technology, which combines GPS, inertial measurement unit (IMU), sonar sensors and barometer sensor support to enhance in-air stability.

Bi-directional detection

Avoid collisions and flight path obstacles with bi-directional detection, an electronic speed controller that recognizes propeller obstructions, and provides indoor and outdoor flights with autonomous sense and avoid capabilities.

Advanced Wi-Fi

Snapdragon Flight uses the Snapdragon 801 processor with advanced Wi-Fi support for highly accurate location position.

Cellular technology will bring new dimensions to drone operations.

Cellular connectivity will be key for coordinated operation and control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, more commonly referred to as drones, enabling a growing set of use cases within and beyond the operator’s visual line of sight.

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