Build cameras with next-generation awareness.

Develop feature-rich camera products using Qualcomm’s digital camera solutions. Our platforms provide cutting-edge processing capabilities, features and power efficiency for a wide variety of end products—creating smarter, more intuitive photographic experiences.

Overcome product development challenges.

In today’s fast-changing environment, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) developing camera products need to ensure they are consistently using the most advanced technology to maintain market leadership, now and in the future. Leading end products must offer high-quality footage, security, connectivity, long battery life and a host of other capabilities.


Our innovative and flexible platform solutions bring power-efficient intelligence and connectivity to IP, security, sports and 360° cameras, smartphones and more.

Seamless connectivity

Effortlessly connect camera products to wearables, phones or other devices using our leading Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity solutions.

Low power

Effectively manage data and increase battery life with our advanced, dual image signal processors (ISPs) and optimized hardware.

Heterogeneous computing

Deliver image processing applications with optimum performance and lower energy consumption using our system on a chip (SoC) task-sharing functionalities.

High-end, neural network processing

Provide high-end processing, imaging, and analytics for security and other types of cameras, as well as processing to run and manage networking for neural networks.


Build cameras that stream 4K High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) and perform on-camera video analytics, such as object detection, facial detection and recognition, multi-object tracking and Qualcomm® Zeroth™ object classification.

Camera-based analytics

Move users from expensive, server-based video analytics in the cloud to more reliable and efficient camera-based analytics.

Reduced bandwidth and costs

Lower network bandwidth requirements and cloud storage costs for customers using cloud-based security services.

Our products are designed for a wide range of video and camera applications.

Video Surveillance

  • IP cameras
  • Mobile digital video recording (DVR)
  • Body cameras

Video Conference

  • In-room cameras

Sports Camera

  • Action cameras
  • 360/Virtual reality (VR) cameras
  • Drone cameras

Get started building with our camera solutions.