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Qualcomm Technologies’ consumer electronics solutions deliver unmatched computing, wireless connectivity integration and advanced capabilities to a wide range of home entertainment devices. Built on our proven technology portfolio and Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ system on a chip (SoC) heritage, our customized platforms dramatically transform how consumers discover and interact with home entertainment content—making their experiences rich and immersive.

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Diverse portfolio

Deep and diverse platforms give original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) a commercialization advantage, and provide advanced features such as expertly integrated graphics, computing and connectivity.

New user experiences

Our consumer electronics solutions help OEMs create unique experiences in virtual reality (VR), bring voice command to remotes and provide gesture control for advanced entertainment systems—redefining how consumers interact with media.

Autonomous flight

The Snapdragon Flight drone development platform is driving innovation in connected and autonomous flight—providing drone developers and OEMs with an advanced platform that enables more sophisticated designs, fast development and low price points for 4K drones.

World-leading camera technology

As a leading producer of digital camera technology, we are bringing portability, low power, advanced audio, display and video capabilities to internet protocol (IP), sports, and 360° cameras. 


We develop solutions designed for maximum interoperability, so smart, connected IoT devices and infrastructure can communicate across different brands, technologies and ecosystems—helping ease fragmentation. 

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Discover Qualcomm Technologies’ leading camera technology solutions that provide connectivity and intelligence for a wide range of end products including video surveillance and video conferencing, sports cameras, smartphones and more.

Drones and Robots

Explore Qualcomm Tecchnologies’ advanced drone development platform, driving innovation in connected and autonomous flight for a highly enhanced user experience.


Qualcomm Technologies SoC and software solutions for printing, scanning and all-in-one devices offer exceptional cost- performance, document fidelity and compatibility to print from computers and mobile devices virtually anywhere.

Remote Controllers

Enable smart, connected home entertainment ecosystems with Qualcomm Technologies’ comprehensive end-to-end remote controller platform solutions, providing advanced capabilities such as gesture control, seamless connectivity and voice activation.


Create sleek, stylish, next-generation wearable devices with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear processor platform, enabling new user experiences with a balance of advanced features, performance, power efficiency, always-on connectivity, greater functionality and more.

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