On-the-Go Health Care Connectivity and Integration

Connected health solutions can improve quality of care.

Connected remote care has the potential to ease the growing financial burden of health care. With connected medical devices, health care providers can remotely monitor at-risk patients and make informed interventions to prevent costly trips to the emergency room. Built according to FDA quality and HIPAA privacy standards, Qualcomm Life’s 2net™ Platform provides customers with scalable connectivity solutions, allowing them to focus on developing next-generation remote care solutions that empower patients to be active participants in their health care. 

Our secure healthcare connectivity solutions connect and integrate biometric data wherever the patient may be.

Seamless, secure sharing of biometric data is a critical component of new remote care models, enabling providers to efficiently manage at-risk patient populations wherever they are. With a 30-year history in connectivity and security, our platforms and teams provide the infrastructure needed to ensure data is fluid and accessible, yet protected from exposure and risk. And with our technology-agnostic specification designs combined with our legacy of mobile and wireless solutions, customers can future-proof their connected health solutions. 

Bring your own device (BYOD)

The complexity of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model in health care is mitigated by our 2net Platform. We work closely with our mobile OEM ecosystem and health care companies to minimize BYOD challenges by applying our OS-agnostic solutions and digital expertise to the health care space.

Mobile and health care device integration

In the past 5 years, Qualcomm Life has integrated over 100 health care devices into the 2net Platform. We have also applied our rigorous, field-tested methodology to 2net Hub and 2net Mobile to ensure compatibility across an expansive array of mobile computing and medical device technology.

Security and privacy

Leveraging Qualcomm’s 30-year history in security and connectivity, our medical device connectivity solutions directly address patient and provider concerns regarding secure and private transmission of data. With our advanced security processes, data is accessible yet protected from risk—enabling medical-grade remote care solutions that patients and physicians can trust.

Power on-the-go connected medical devices with our 2net Platform.

Personalized on-the-go health care starts with intelligent connectivity solutions. Our 2net Platform powers medical devices and applications that patients can take anywhere: 

  • Inhalers
  • Injector pens
  • Activity monitors
  • Blood glucose meters
  • Pill bottles and blister packs
  • Transdermal drug patches
  • Mobile health apps

Secure connectivity solutions for next-generation medical device technology.

Power on-the-go remote care solutions that support secure sharing and transmission of vital biometric data with our 2net Platform. This scalable, cloud-based solution delivers end-to-end connectivity that is built according to FDA quality and HIPAA privacy standards. 2net brings together one of the world’s largest connected health ecosystems, enabling customers to integrate into a wide array of medical devices and remote care portals. 

2net Mobile

Transform mobile computing devices into secure medical gateways. Our 2net Mobile healthcare connectivity solution is a medical-grade software module that can be embedded into third-party mobile applications, enabling smartphones and tablets to securely and effortlessly capture, transmit and protect data for patients at home or on-the-go.

2net Design

Build reliable connected medical devices and minimize design challenges with 2net Design. Leveraging Qualcomm Life’s extensive wireless expertise and technologies, 2net Design is a platform for developing reference designs for integrated, wireless, single-use connectivity modules. Our designs enable a range of connected medical device technologies, including diagnostic devices and disposable drug delivery devices. 

Discover how Qualcomm Life is enabling the next-generation of on-the-go health care products. 

Qualcomm Life is a global leader in providing connectivity and integration for scalable care solutions to the health care industry. Our end-to-end portfolio offers a secure, flexible platform that enables customers to focus on developing next-generation remote health monitoring solutions.