Hospital Connectivity and Integration

Unlock the power of medical device data with a scalable enterprise system

From thermometers to complex ventilators and pumps, Qualcomm Life’s Capsule™ Medical Device Information System (MDIS) ties together the medical devices across a health care enterprise into a unified, integrated medical device system that not only captures and distributes patient clinical data, but also makes available operational data about the devices themselves. It is a powerful, vendor-neutral clinical data management and analytics solution that helps enhance clinical workflows and improve the operational efficiencies of a hospital’s medical device infrastructure.

Connecting and integrating medical device data across the health care enterprise.

As medical device integration within hospitals continues to grow, so does the need for streamlined medical device data capture to reduce transcription errors, enhance clinical workflow and ultimately provide caregivers more time to care for the patients. The Capsule platform is an industry-leading solution that enables connectivity for a wide range of both aging and new devices, integrating data into virtually any EMR and intelligent third party systems.


Meet the demand for insights by enabling and designing medical devices and sensors to effortlessly capture vital medical device data. 


Each medical device has its own way of providing data – from physical output connectors, to proprietary device communication protocols – creating complexities in implementing, managing, and maintaining connected devices.  The Capsule MDIS features one of the industry’s largest dynamic libraries of medical device driver interfaces to provide flexible connectivity options ensuring compatibility across the enterprise. 


More and more, hospitals have recognized the power and value of medical device data beyond documentation in the EMR. As enterprise customers look to implement new types of systems – such as alarm management, patient surveillance, hospital Wi-Fi networks, and asset management systems - to provide informed and efficient care processes, medical device data is a critical resource to these systems. With Capsule’s MDIS, hospitals can deliver streams of device data, improving clinical data management, to meet the unique requirements of multiple systems simultaneously.


Medical devices generate millions of data points each day.  This is a wealth of information that can be used to drive clinical and operational efficiencies, and quality of care. Qualcomm Life’s Capsule MDIS leverages aggregated medical device data, along with contextual data to provide actionable operational information about the status, deployment, performance, and use of medical devices across the health care enterprise. 

Flexible, scalable solutions to meet the connectivity and integration demands of hospitals.

Qualcomm Life offers a variety of connectivity options to capture data from medical devices throughout the health care enterprise that takes into account the clinical workflow of the care area, the contextual awareness at the bedside, and the implementation and support requirements. The Capsule MDIS connects to a wide array of medical device types, models, and firmware versions across different acute care environments, providing a truly scalable enterprise infrastructure.


Capsule connects to nearly every patient monitoring device found within a hospital or IDN, including: 

  • Physiologic Monitors  
  • Cardiac Monitors 
  • Neurologic Monitors 
  • Fetal Monitors 
  • Pulse Oximeter  
  • Beds 
  • Scales 
  • Urimeters 
  • Ventilators 
  • Infant Warmers
  • Anesthesia Gas  
  • Infusion Pumps  
  • Dialysis  
  • Syringe Pumps
  • Feeding Pumps
  • Cardiopulmonary Bypass
  • Intra-aortic Balloon Pumps
  • Remote Care Devices

The SmartLinx MDIS connects medical devices into a single, integrated system.

The SmartLinx platform is a medical technology solution that seamlessly integrates clinical data management across multiple platforms. Developed by Capsule, a Qualcomm Life company, the SmartLinx MDIS addresses the health care industry’s need for a vendor-neutral platform that improves the efficiency and accuracy of patient data communication.