Home Connectivity and Integration

Remote health care devices empower at-home patient care.

Health care is more than just hospitals and doctors’ offices. Patients’ homes are often where recovery occurs, and maintaining connectivity is essential to that process. Qualcomm’s secure, in-home health care platform enables reliable, effortless capture and transmission of biometric data from connected medical devices and sensors, allowing health care providers to monitor patients through remote health services.

Innovating a new health care model, the reliable at-home platform.

Maximize economies of scale with connected home health care solutions. This growing market serves a multitude of patient populations, including the elderly and those with multiple chronic conditions (MCC). With remote health services provided by the 2net™ Platform from Qualcomm Life, health care providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers can rapidly launch and scale hardware and software solutions that empower patients to be active participants in their own self-care.

Connectivity leadership

Scalable remote care requires reliable connectivity. Leveraging Qualcomm’s 30 years of mobile and connectivity expertise, Qualcomm Life is powering new chronic care and remote patient monitoring experiences that are both dependable and uncomplicated for patients, providers and caregivers.

Flexible, scalable integration

Provide health care solutions beyond the hospital with the flexibility of our 2net Platform. This scalable, cloud-based system enables end-to-end medical device data connectivity, transmission and integration with virtually any system, application or portal. The 2net Platform uses a wide array of radio technologies to connect to mobile computing devices. 

Secure medical-grade infrastructure

Protect patient data and privacy with the 2net Platform, which provides robust connectivity that are built according to FDA quality and HIPAA privacy standards. Our remote health monitoring system solutions also provide 11 layers of authentication, encryption and access control to mitigate the risk of exposure to malicious code.

Open, vendor-neutral design

At Qualcomm Life, we've deployed an open, device-agnostic platform to provide our enterprise customers with a comprehensive, medical-grade connectivity solution that connects to one of the world’s largest connected health ecosystems. This flexible technology integrates into virtually any clinical device, application or architecture platform, and can connect to a wide range of secure mobile gateways. 

Scalable connectivity solutions that follow the patient wherever they are.

Our 2net Platform powers the medical devices and remote health monitoring systems that support new care models, including transitional care, chronic care, connected therapy management and remote patient monitoring—all within in the fastest-growing health care segment, the patient’s home.1  


Integrate into a wide range of monitoring and diagnostic products—all part of the Qualcomm Life Ecosystem. 

  • Pill bottles or blister packs
  • Drug delivery devices 
  • Inhalers
  • Ventilators
  • Point-of-care tests
  • Blood Pressure Monitors 
  • Activity monitors
  • Blood glucose meters
  • Weight scales 
  • Pulse Oximeters 
  • Spirometers 
  • Respiratory Vests

1 Gershon, Robyn R.M., et al, “Home Health Care Patients and Safety Hazards in the Home: Preliminary Findings,” Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) website, http://www.ahrq.gov/downloads/pub/advances2/vol1/advances-gershon_88.pdf, accessed August 15, 2016.

Create reliable remote health services that are easy for patients to use.

Leading health care providers, payers, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies rely on our 2net Platform to deliver secure, medical-grade connected health solutions. 

2net Platform

Secure health care connectivity starts with the 2net Platform, a scalable, cloud-based system that enables end-to-end medical device data connectivity, transmission and integration with virtually any system, application or portal.

2net Hub

The 2net Hub is a plug-and-play communications device that supports safe, effortless connectivity for remote medical devices. With the ability to integrate with both wide- and short-range radios, the 2net Hub offers flexible connectivity across a growing open ecosystem of medical devices and sensors.

2net Mobile

Turn smartphones into a medical-grade gateway with the 2net Mobile solution. Developers can embed our software module into remote health applications, providing at-home patients with a secure method for capturing and transmitting critical data. 

2net Design

Futureproof your product roadmap. Our 2net Design team has created a platform for designing the communications components of connected medical devices. Our specs support a range of devices—including disposable drug delivery devices and disposable diagnostic devices for condition-specific connected therapies—enabling leading medical device manufacturers and pharmaceuticals to deploy at scale.

Discover how Qualcomm Life is enabling the next-generation of connected at-home health care products. 

Qualcomm Life is a global leader in providing connected care solutions to the health care industry. Our scalable end-to-end portfolio offers a secure, flexible platform that enables our enterprise customers to focus on developing next-generation remote health monitoring solutions.