Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) extends mobile connectivity to more people, places and devices than ever before. With Qualcomm Technologies’ comprehensive suite of Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors and modems, our industry partners can stay ahead of emerging IoT market trends while addressing rapidly changing industry and consumer requirements. Our integrated solutions offer the security, interoperability and connectivity that customers need to develop the smart products and cloud-based services that will define the future of IoT.

Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries.

Mobile Computing

The smart phone is no longer the only component of the mobile computing ecosystem. To extend the power of mobility to today’s connected laptops and tablets, we have redesigned our Snapdragon processors and modems specifically for the mobile industry’s emerging verticals. Together, with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and app developers, we are changing the mobile computing landscape to deliver on the promise of virtually always-on connectivity—regardless of the device.


From blazing-fast download speeds to high-megapixel camera features, and immersive virtual reality to global roaming capabilities, our Snapdragon processors provide OEMs with the solutions they need to design the industry’s most sought after smartphones and in-demand apps.


Our Snapdragon modems and processors enable OEMs to build 4G-connected tablets that combine power and performance with support for vibrant video and crystal-clear audio. With improved power efficiencies and multi-band connectivity options, our tablet technology elevates the tablet experience.


Snapdragon laptop processors support a new generation of laptop computers that combine the robust security and reliable connectivity of 4G with the convenience of the laptop—providing users with a highly efficient computer that’s truly mobile.


The smart car is an integral aspect of the mobile ecosystem, extending the mobile experience to the connected car. Qualcomm smart auto solutions are found in more than 40 major automotive programs— including connectivity, navigation, safety and wireless electric vehicle charging (WEVC) solutions—providing our automotive customers with the smart technologies they need to develop competitive, cutting-edge wireless features for their cars and trucks.


Our vehicle infotainment systems transform the driving experience, with advanced entertainment, safety, navigational and on-board management features that meet consumer demand for an immersive in-car experience.


Enhance the safety and enjoyment of the driving experience with our state-of-the-art vehicle telematics platform. Our Snapdragon automotive solutions are found in tens of millions of connected vehicles, providing consumers with seamless access to their content, the cloud and their surrounding environment.

Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC)

Our Halo™ WEVC technology is ideal for both electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Our Halo WEVC technology is an easy-to-use, convenient energy transfer method that’s highly customizable.


Qualcomm network technologies are designed to stay ahead of market demands, with solutions that address increased capacity requirements, carrier convergence and the exponential increase of connected devices. From offloading and maximizing network bandwidth to optimizing power management and network scaling, our portfolio of network technologies provides the reliability and speed that consumers expect, even on crowded networks.

Home Networking

The connected home requires a robust network that scales to support multiple devices and smart components while alleviating network density. Our home networking technology delivers ultra-high speed and security to home networks.

Carrier Networks

Today’s carrier networks continue to evolve in complexity, requiring new standards for bandwidth and connectivity. Our carrier network solutions provide the processing power and enhanced management needed to deliver a robust, seamless experience to end users.

Enterprise Networks

Build a large-scale network management system that combines leading connectivity with advanced hardware and software features. Our enterprise networking technologies meet enterprise data demands with flexibility and interoperability across multiple carrier technologies.

Health Care

Qualcomm Life is working to make mobile health a reality. The 2net™ suite of solutions supports end-to-end clinical connectivity that safeguards patient data, thanks to an 11-layer authentication process that meets FDA and HIPPA privacy standards. Our device-neutral architecture connects to the world’s largest health care ecosystems, enabling OEMs to develop devices and systems that support a multitude of technologies.

In-Hospital Connectivity & Integration

Our connected health care platform equips hospital networks with clinical data management tools and medical device integration solutions that improve clinical workflow while reducing costs and design complexity.

Home Health Connectivity & Integration

Reliable at-home health monitoring systems provide hospitals and doctors with the ability to remotely support their patients’ recovery. With our 2net solutions, OEMs can develop easy-to-use devices and systems that empower patients to manage their at-home care.

On-the-Go Health Connectivity & Integration

With the 2net platform, OEMs can develop secure on-the-go connected medical devices and apps that patients can use at home or on the road. Our healthcare connectivity solutions address the bring-your-own-device complexity with medical-grade technology that is technology agnostic.

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