Experience fiber optic speeds in the palm of your hand.

Delivering the fastest mobile connectivity yet, Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Gigabit LTE modems allow you to access your world at lightning speed - so you can connect to who and what you need quicker than ever before.

Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Devices with Snapdragon Gigabit LTE

Do more, faster, in more places.

Snapdragon Gigabit LTE is about real-world speed. It's designed to improve your day-to-day smartphone experience by giving you faster, real-world download speeds than previous generations of LTE technology.

Epic speeds for all your connected apps

With average LTE download speeds that are up to 7x as fast as typical home Wi-Fi,1 Gigabit LTE turbo-charges all your connected apps—on the go, at home or virtually anywhere. Stream 360˚ videos in 4K resolution, with minimal buffering or stuttering. Access all your files in the cloud nearly as fast as you would if they were stored on your phone. Download hours of movies or music in mere seconds. And load Android Instant Apps, well, instantly.

Double the antennas for a stronger signal

A Gigabit LTE device has double the number of LTE antennas of typical smartphones. In good signal conditions on a supporting network, that can mean up to 2x the download speeds of other devices. And in weak signal conditions, such as deep inside a building or far away from the cell tower, the extra antennas act as additional “ears” that boost the signal received from the tower. The result? Up to 70% faster download speeds, when and where you need them most.

Faster connections in crowded places²

We’ve all experienced the effects of cellular network congestion—in crowded environments such as city centers, airports, shopping malls and other busy areas, your favorite apps can become barely usable. That’s why Gigabit LTE was designed to help speed things up in crowded places. With additional “lanes” for your data to flow on—and the ability to get more data per signal from each LTE connection—using a Gigabit LTE device is like driving on a much wider, faster data highway.

Make the most of your unlimited data plan

Stream and download what you want, when you want, at maximum speed. Stream videos at the highest quality. Store all your files online and access them lightning fast. Download the latest game from the Google Play Store on the go—perhaps faster than you can do over your Wi-Fi connection at home! And because Gigabit LTE technology uses the network much more efficiently,3 you’ll be leaving plenty of room on the network for other users to make the most of their data plans as well.

Gigabit LTE. Only on Android.

Your favorite apps from Google are better with the speed and power of Gigabit LTE. Only available on premium smartphones powered by Android. 

Google Drive

Access all your files quickly on the go with super-fast download speeds.

Google Photos

Quickly access photos and videos that were just shared with you, using Google Photos.


Stream immersive 360-degree VR videos with pixel-perfect clarity. 

Google Play Music

Stream over 40 million songs without skipping a beat, even in weak signal areas.

Powerful? You bet.

The Snapdragon 835 mobile platform with the X16 LTE modem combines some the most cutting-edge LTE technologies available in mobile devices today to deliver you the Gigabit LTE experience.

Carrier aggregation

Carrier aggregation is an LTE Advanced technology that combines multiple LTE connections simultaneously into a wider, faster pipe. If the connection between the cell tower and your phone is like a highway, carrier aggregation is akin to adding more lanes to the highway to relieve traffic jams.

4x4 MIMO

4X4 MIMO uses four antennas on the cell tower to transmit data to four antennas in your Gigabit LTE device, instead of the typical two antennas used in the vast majority of LTE devices. In good signal conditions, this can up to double your speed. In the highway analogy, it is akin to building additional decks for cars to travel on, on top of the existing lanes. Gigabit LTE devices with 4x4 MIMO technology have an additional and important benefit: In weak signal conditions, the extra antennas act as additional “ears” that boost the signal received from the tower, resulting in up to 70% faster speeds.

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4x4 MIMO
May 14, 2018 | 0:44


256-QAM is a digital signal modulation technology that encodes eight bits of information into every LTE signal sent from the tower to your device, instead of the typical six bits with 64-QAM. That results in up to 33% faster download speeds. It also means that you need fewer resources from the tower to complete your downloads, since more data is being sent to you in every signal. In the highway analogy, it would be akin to stuffing 33% more packages into each delivery truck, reducing the number of trucks on the road and improving speeds for everyone.  

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Just like carrier aggregation, LTE-U/LAA technology builds new lanes on the data highway between the cell site and your device to improve download speeds. But unlike traditional LTE technology, LTE-U/LAA technology uses freely available unlicensed spectrum, and they are sent from a “small cell” (a miniaturized cell site in a compact box) instead of a big tower. This makes small cells especially helpful in relieving congestion in areas like airports, busy city centers and malls, as they can be placed conveniently where they are needed most.

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Unlicensed Spectrum
May 14, 2018 | 0:43

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