Say hello to wireless fiber connectivity.

Every day, more and more mobile devices are connecting to the Internet. With Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ platforms, the mobile experience is now delivered at fiber-optic like speeds. With our new Snapdragon X20 Gigabit LTE modem and advanced architecture that focuses on immersive VR, artificial intelligence, security and more, our Snapdragon mobile platforms enable premium mobile experiences that are faster than ever before.

Expanding wireless gigabit connectivity to every corner of the earth.

Our Snapdragon premium mobile platforms enable blazing fast connectivity and improved signal strength, even in remote areas—delivering a fiber-optic like Gigabit LTE experience to more people around the world. And with support for frequency band configurations across licensed, unlicensed and shared spectrum, our Snapdragon X20 LTE modem is accelerating the global availability of Gigabit LTE.

Lose yourself in virtual reality.

The powerful Snapdragon 845 mobile platform with X20 LTE delivers high-frame rate 360° video with near-instant access to content from cloud storage—enabling high-resolution, vivid graphics and cinema-quality audio without time lag. Now users can experience immersive virtual reality that looks and sounds like the real world.

Blazing-fast speeds, virtually anywhere.

Enjoy your content with nearly instantaneous access. The Snapdragon 845 mobile platform is designed to deliver seamless wireless gigabit connectivity with Wi-Fi and an exceptional audio experience with Bluetooth. The Snapdragon 845 platform also enables faster speeds in crowded public Wi-Fi hotspots thanks to 2x2 Wi-Fi—plus robust multi-gigabit performance with 802.11ad for homes and offices. Our Bluetooth 5 technology powers ultra-low-power earbuds and broadcasts audio directly to multiple speakers and devices, so users experience excellent sound wherever they go. 

Our LTE modem sets the stage for 5G.

The Snapdragon X20 LTE modem delivers LTE Category 18 peak download speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps—that’s a 20% improvement over our first-generation solution. The X20 modem supports greater combinations of LTE networks, spatial streams and antenna configurations, enabling more operators around the world to deploy Gigabit LTE, while paving the way to 5G.

The Snapdragon 845 mobile platform.

Our updated Snapdragon 845 mobile platform delivers everything you love about your mobile device at unrivaled speeds. And integrated support for 2x2 11ac Wi-Fi enables up to 16 times faster connections plus up to 30% higher capacity efficiency. We’ve also incorporated 11ad diversity antenna modules for multi-gigabit Wi-Fi coverage, combined with advanced Bluetooth 5 capabilities that will reduce wireless earbud power consumption by nearly 50%. All so you can stream, search, play and interact all day long with your favorite mobile device.

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