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Mobile AI

Our mobile AI solutions make connected devices smarter. With a focus on intelligent hardware and software tools, they’re paving the way for new, real-time use cases that move workloads from the cloud to the mobile device for faster, more efficient mobile experiences.


Our feature-rich camera solutions combine on-device machine learning, intelligent edge computing, and enhanced camera features to power a wide range of in-demand consumer and enterprise IoT devices.

Snapdragon Elite Gaming

Snapdragon Elite Gaming brings the best of console gaming to the mobile device. This jam-packed arsenal of hardware and software features delivers cinema-quality graphics, powerful audio, and ultra-smooth gameplay—without draining battery life.

Snapdragon Sound

Snapdragon Sound Technology combines the very best of our audio, connectivity, and mobile innovations to deliver high-resolution music, crystal-clear voice calls, and lag-free gaming—all with superior connectivity and extended battery life. It’s how sound should sound.

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