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Qualcomm Incorporated’s subsidiaries offer a variety of software, applications, and services to help improve mobile device performance, help conserve battery power, and help improve device security. Among those software applications are the following:


Privacy in Qualcomm Products and Services

Jun 5, 2018 | 3:51


Qualcomm Location

Qualcomm Location (formerly “IZat”) is technology offered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. in the U.S., QT Technologies Ireland Limited in countries within the European Economic Area, and Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (Korea) YH in the Republic of Korea (a.k.a. South Korea). Qualcomm Location may enable your device to determine its location more quickly and accurately – even when your device is unable to get a strong GPS signal. Qualcomm Location may also help your device conserve battery power when you use applications or services requiring location data. If you use location-enabled applications, your device may send its location to such application providers. Location information provided to application providers is governed by their terms and privacy policies. We recommend you refer to the terms and privacy policies of those application providers.

Qualcomm Location periodically downloads data to your device regarding the locations of nearby cellular towers and WiFi access points. This data may be combined with data from the sensors on your device such as the gyroscope or accelerometer to help your device determine its location and conserve battery power.

Qualcomm Location periodically sends us a unique software ID, the location of your device (longitude, latitude and altitude, and its uncertainty) and nearby cellular towers and Wi-Fi hotspots, signal strength, and time (collectively, “Location Data”). As with any Internet communication, we also receive the IP address your device uses. We use Location Data, software IDs and IP addresses, and the other data we collect to help us protect, evaluate, and improve the performance of our systems.

Qualcomm Location uses a variety of reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect the data we collect. In addition, we do not permanently store Location Data with your software ID or IP address, nor do we attempt to personally identify Qualcomm Location users. To enhance system performance your software ID and IP address are associated with your Location Data for thirty days from receipt after which time it is permanently deleted. After removing IP addresses and software IDs, we aggregate the Location Data to create an anonymous database regarding the locations of cellular towers and WiFi access points.

If you are in the Republic of Korea, the Qualcomm Location service complies with the Location Information Protection Act (“Act”) and you are entitled to relevant rights under the Act. For questions or comments about our practices in Korea, please contact us at:

Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (Korea) YH
Attention Legal Department
4th, 15th, 16th & 17th Fl.
119, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, 135-820
Republic of Korea
Telephone Number: 82-2-3404-1114

Qualcomm Technology Reporting (QTR) -- Diagnostic Statistics

QTR is technology offered Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. in the U.S., and QT Technologies Ireland Limited in the European Economic Area. QTR may collect: (i) the names of the apps installed and/or running on the device, (ii) configuration information (such as make, model, operating system and version, firmware and versions, wireless carrier, mobile country code and network code, and chipset serial number (which does not identify you)), (iii) device performance statistics (such as CPU, GPU, or modem performance), and (iv) sensor data that won’t identify you, but that measures motion, orientation, and environmental conditions around the phone. Data is uploaded via encrypted WiFi, or in limited amounts, via your cellular network.

We use the data QTR collects for the purposes described in this Policy, including to help us develop next generation mobile technologies to improve wireless performance, conserve battery power, develop advanced security, and improve our business operations. We may also share QTR data with wireless carriers or device manufacturers to help them improve wireless devices, networks, and security.

QTR offers an opt-out of data collection in the Android settings menu under the heading, “Qualcomm Technologies Reporting”. Opting out will not negatively affect your device performance.

A few notes: As with any internet connection, we will receive the IP address the device uses, but we promptly delete it after receipt. If QTR sends us any data not identified in this privacy policy that could be personal data, we promptly delete such data after receipt. Some versions of QTR also have the capability of collecting the device’s “international mobile equipment identifier (IMEI), but this capability is not currently being used. If, in the future, we collect IMEI, it will be collected for disclosed, necessary purposes, and in accordance with all applicable data protection and privacy laws. Finally, some versions of QTR also have the ability to allow you to opt-in to sending us device location data. If you opt-in to sending us location data, we may periodically collect the location of your device to help us, for example, to identify areas with low wireless signal coverage.

Snapdragon Smart Protect

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Smart Protect is a security software service for Android-based devices (“Smart Protect”) brought to you by QT Technologies Ireland Limited in the European Economic Area and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. in the U.S. Smart Protect monitors the behavior of the Android applications on the device on which it is installed, and uses machine learning to identify behaviors potentially indicative of malware, spyware, adware, and ransomware. Smart Protect reports such behaviors to our customer’s third-party security applications installed on the same device.

To help improve Smart Protect, and the other uses we describe in this Privacy Policy, Smart Protect sends us a summary of the potential malware detection(s) including the name of the app and its activity causing the alert, basic data about the device such as make, model, and operating system version, and data about device configuration such as language setting, carrier, and country code.


Vellamo is a benchmarking software application for Android-based devices (“Vellamo”) brought to you by Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. Vellamo analyzes and reports the system performance of the device on which it is installed. You can also choose to compare your device’s performance with other devices we have tested and, in doing so, your device may send us test results and system information. Such system information may include: the name of the device manufacturer, model and version; information about the hardware on your device such as processor, memory, and available sensors; type and version of operating system; display information; internet protocol address, browser user agent, and information about the cellular network to which the device connects. We use the data we collect for the purposes described in this Policy, including to provide the performance benchmarking service you request and to compile “real-world” statistics about mobile device performance.

XTRA – Predicted GNSS Satellite Orbit Data

XTRA is technology offered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. in the US and QT Technologies Ireland Limited in the European Economic Area to improve mobile device performance. XTRA downloads a data file from Qualcomm containing the predicted orbits of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) satellites. Using the XTRA data file reduces the time the device needs to calculate its location, thus saving time and battery power when using location-based applications. Newer versions of the XTRA software also upload a small amount of data to us. We use the uploaded data for purposes described in this Policy, such as maintaining and improving the quality, security, and integrity of the service. XTRA uploads the following data types: a randomly generated unique ID, the chipset name and serial number, XTRA software version, the mobile country code and network code (allowing identification of country and wireless operator), the type of operating system and version, device make and model, the time since the last boot of the application processor and modem, and a list of our software on the device

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