The essential role of technology standards

Global standards play a critical role in the world of technology. Standardization is a key step in introducing new interoperable technologies in a commercial market and fostering a culture of innovation. For the wireless communications industry, it lays the foundation of an open and competitive ecosystem with continuous technology advancements that enables massive economies of scale.

Fostering ecosystem growth and expanding into vertical industries

In the wireless and broader vertical industries, global technology standards create value for the entire ecosystem by driving interoperability, helping to meet regulatory requirements, creating new markets, reducing market risks, and continuously improving the technology. Learn how Qualcomm is leading technology standardization across a wide range of industries.

Our strong product and intellectual property portfolios are anchored in our strength in technology standards

We lead and participate in a wide range of global standards and industry organizations thanks to our commitment to research and technology innovations with people based all around the world, such as USA, China, Japan, Korea, India, Europe, Canada and others. This ultimately allows us to build superior and quicker-to-market products and solutions. With our standards contributions, we foster a culture of innovations and make them available to the broader ecosystem.

Examples of global standards and industry organizations that we participate in:

3GPP 5GAA ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 (MPEG) MIPI Alliance 5G-ACIA IEEE 802.11
O-RAN Alliance OmniAir Consortium DASH Industry Forum JEDEC UBBA Wi-Fi Alliance
GSMA SAE ATSC/DVB PCI-SIG Connectivity Standards Alliance Bluetooth SIG

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