QInF 2015 Cambridge

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2015 Cambridge Program Details

Qualcomm's three European research centers in Cambridge, Germany and Austria ran their own fellowship programs. Each winning student received a fellowship in the amount of £10,000 for Cambridge and €10,000 each for Germany and Austria for the upcoming academic year, plus assignment of a Qualcomm researcher as mentor to facilitate close collaboration and interaction with Qualcomm Corporate Research & Development. We had three winners from each research center location and for the first time we had a European champion winner for the student with the most innovative proposal from the three participating European QInF locations.

Application Process
Participating Departments/Divisions
Areas of Interest

We believe that research and development is the key to harnessing the power of imagination and to discovering new possibilities. We are excited to announce a new kind of Fellowship that promotes Qualcomm’s core values of innovation, execution and partnership. Our goal is to enable students to pursue their futuristic innovative ideas.

We will be awarding Fellowships to three winning students for the 2015-16 academic year.

Each of the three winning students will be awarded a £10,000 fellowship for submitting the most innovative proposals. The respective academic departments at each university will administer funds to the winning students for their fellowship work and research expenses for the academic year of 2015–16. Total funding for three students x £10,000 each = £30,000.


The main judging criterion is an innovation proposal that must include:

  • Introduction and problem definition
  • Innovation proposal and relation to the state of the art
  • The one year horizon of the project (even if the proposal is a multi-year project)
  • The strength of the student for achieving the proposal milestones

See FAQs for more details.


Winners will be selected through a two-phase process:

1. Finalists selection: Applications must be submitted online by the deadline noted in the Timeline tab. Each application must include (in PDF or Word format):

  • Three page proposal summarizing your innovative idea
  • Letter from one or more faculties recommending the innovation
  • Signed copy of the official rules document
  • Student’s CV
  • Above information should be sent in a single zip file to: [email protected]
    The zip file should be named: QINF2015_.zip

2. Winners selection: Finalist must prepare a 15-minute presentations for the judges. Presentation must be in PowerPoint or PDF format. The presentation generally includes:

  • The idea
  • The differentiating factors from state of the art
  • The execution plan / strength of the student

The official rules for the Innovation Fellowship are available for download.

Please check back to this page regularly for application and program updates.


Faculty & Mentor

In addition to the faculty advisor(s) to guide the fellowship research, Qualcomm will also provide industry experts to mentor the students, as well as regular collaboration opportunities with Qualcomm Research & Development to further assist with projects. Successful projects will be reevaluated after one year for further research funding from Qualcomm.


More Info?

Do you need further Information? Please direct your questions to: [email protected]

Fellowship Winners and Finalists

The Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship began in 2009, and has continued to grow with the addition of more universities, more candidates, and expansion to our research centers internationally. Take a look at a list of all our fellowship winners and finalists from years past: