Whole Home Coverage

Seamless, user-friendly, whole-home networks.

Consumers are demanding reliable and ubiquitous connectivity throughout the home. In addition to the proliferation of media and entertainment devices, the number of connected (smart) devices people own continues to grow. This has led to a new evolution where everything consumers use and interact with will eventually be connected thereby leading to the Internet of Everything (IoE) and the need for a fully Connected Home. Enabling the Connected Home can be challenging as devices that are part of the Connected Home can be very diverse, requiring a range of connectivity technologies and usability options.

Qualcomm Research is working on new technologies that will enable the Connected Home and bring enhanced performance and coverage in a seamless, user-friendly, Whole-home Network.

Hybrid Networks

Qualcomm® HY-FI™ networking technology is a hybrid network that combines the mobility and flexibility of Wi-Fi with the reliability, range and ubiquity of Powerline Communications to provide a robust and scalable Home Networking Solution with superior coverage, performance, and reliability. Apart from providing broadband data and multimedia services for consumers, hybrid networks can support many evolving services, such as home automation, security, and energy management.

Our current research focuses on simplifying hybrid network configuration and management, so that non-tech-savvy users can easily set up and maintain their home networks. This is accomplished by automating hybrid network configuration.

Total Configuration Algorithm (TCA)

The TCA algorithm is designed to enable plug-and-play discovery and configuration of hybrid network nodes, such as access points and range extenders.

By simply pressing a button, a new network node can be automatically configured with appropriate security, network, and device personality (e.g. Wi-Fi AP on/off, STA on/off etc.) settings. This removes network configuration complexity and need for technical support. Another key function of TCA is to select the network parameters to maximize power line and Wi-Fi coverage.

Seamless Connect

Qualcomm Research is working on simplifying Wi-Fi device set up and configuration by creating innovative, user-friendly and secure methods to add new devices to the network. Users can set-up Wi-Fi Access Points and Wi-Fi devices by simply scanning a QR code on the device with a smartphone.

Seamless Connect also enhances network security by automatically configuring over-the-air security credentials, and can provide step-by-step troubleshooting to help users identify solutions when issues arise. This not only enhances the overall user experience of setting up a Wi-Fi network and adding new devices, but also enables easy configuration of so called “headless” devices such as security cameras and printers, which lack a user interface (e.g. keyboard and display).

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Seamless Connect Overview Video

May 2, 2013