Security and Privacy Vision

Security and Privacy Vision

We’re on the verge of a new era of smart connected devices, generating a wealth of information about our environment and ourselves. As connected devices increase in number, malicious attacks and privacy violations are of mounting concern. To deal with these issues, we envision security that provides seamless authentication and preemptive protection while enhancing user privacy.

Security & Privacy Vision

Jun 29, 2015


Seamless Authentication
Preemptive Protection
Enhanced Privacy

Seamless Authentication

Today’s passwords provide some security, but they’re inconvenient. We foresee users being continuously and seamlessly authenticated based on who they are, what they do, and the devices they have. Users can be naturally authenticated as they use their devices throughout their daily activities. To provide a convenient, user-friendly experience, the authentication engine automatically chooses the appropriate combination of factors, while staying within the power and thermal constrains of mobile devices. 

Continuous Multi-Factor Authentication

Continuous Multi-Factor Authentication


Things only the user IS:

  • Fingerprint
  • Voice
  • Face
  • Iris
  • Heartbeat

Things only the user DOES:

  • Location
  • Time
  • The way they walk
Other Devices

Things only the user HAS:

  • Wearable device
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

On device security is key.

We foresee personal data staying protected with on-device security solutions. On-device processing provides several benefits:

User Privacy

Ability to enjoy services without the need to upload sensitive personal data to the cloud

Critical Data Protection

On-device storage of keys and biometric data

Always-On Protection

Ability to deal with zero-day malware and phishing attacks

Personalized Security

Adapting to device capabilities and user preferences

Hardware-based security is the foundation.

Building industry leading security solutions starts with creating a hardware-based secure foundation. Hardware based solutions provide a high degree of security and robustness without compromising performance or power efficiency. For example, cryptographic accelerators enhance performance and security with hardware keys that are inaccessible to software. Through its secure execution environment, a hardware-based solution enables secure boot and trusted execution of code, offering various benefits:

Enhanced security

Ensuring overall system security and device health by embedding security in silicon and firmware

Rich User Experience

Providing robust security with minimal overhead and maximum power efficiency

Extensible Platform

Exposing hardware-based security services to 3rd parties through standards

Cognitive technologies: making security intuitive.

Cognitive technologies are making security more intuitive, enabling more robust security and increasing the protection of user privacy. Behavioral analysis uses machine learning to classify device and user activity, detecting any anomaly. For example, it can detect if a gaming application is trying to access the user’s health record and flag this activity.

Seamless authentication

Selecting appropriate authentication factors based on context and availability

Malware protection

Identifying unknown and transformational malware

Privacy protection

Identifying privacy violations and abnormal behaviors

Qualcomm Security Proven Solutions

By building on our hardware-based foundation, we’ve offered proven security solutions for billions of devices since Qualcomm SecureMSM technology was introduced in 2008. We take a holistic system approach, working on end-to-end solutions with custom-designed security hardware.


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