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The year we demonstrated 5G mmWave design. 

2015 was the year we not only demonstrated a robust 5G mmWave design, but we also more broadly articulated our vision for 5G as the unifying connectivity fabric that can support existing and future use cases, and expand wireless to new industries.

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3/3 CEO Mollenkopf sets a high bar for 5G

About every 10 years, mobile technology takes a big jump forward—and the next leap is already in the works, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said today at Mobile World Congress.

9/8 Qualcomm’s CTO Matt Grob details the road to 5G

The focus at this year’s Hot Chips symposium shifted from silicon to cellular for an hour as Qualcomm CTO Matt Grob spoke about the coming jump to 5G and how the next-generation communication standard will build on and advance beyond the capabilities of LTE.

9/28 Harmonizing the industry on a narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) specification

At Qualcomm, we have been talking about the importance of cellular technologies in creating a connectivity fabric for everything—leveraging the ubiquitous coverage, reliability, and scale of cellular, seamlessly interworking with short-range wireless technologies, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to offer a rich and varied set of IoT services.

10/14 5G: Creating a unifying connectivity fabric for everything  

Qualcomm Research is developing 5G technologies that not only vastly enhance mobile broadband performance, but also scale to connect the massive Internet of Things and enable new types of services such as mission critical control that require new levels of latency, reliability and security.

10/26 Qualcomm announces the First LTE IoT modem — MDM9206

Qualcomm Incorporated has introduced its latest LTE modems (the MDM9207-1 and MDM9206), which are designed to support reliable, optimized cellular connectivity to a growing array of devices and systems within the Internet of Things (IoT).

11/19 Qualcomm demonstrates robust mmWave design for 5G

Although our vision for 5G goes well beyond faster peak rates, we also believe 5G should continue to deliver efficient solutions to the ever growing mobile data traffic challenge and provide extreme multi-Gbps data rates to usher in the next era of immersive multimedia experiences such as 3D/UHD video telepresence and virtual reality.

11/19 – Demonstrating robust mmWave design for 5G

A heatmap showing some of the principles behind mmWave

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