We’re leading the charge to 5G NR.

5G New Radio (NR) is the global standard for a unified, more capable 5G wireless air interface. It will deliver significantly faster and more responsive mobile broadband experiences, and extend mobile technology to connect and redefine a multitude of new industries. And Qualcomm is the R&D engine at the center of the mobile ecosystem—making 5G NR a commercial reality.

Our inventions lay the foundation to the 5G standard.

Building upon our leadership in 3G and 4G LTE, we’ve been designing 5G for years—creating new 5G technologies that are pushing and often redefining the boundaries of wireless. And through our fundamental contributions to the 3GPP, our technology inventions drove the first 5G NR global standard, which was completed in December 2017.

Accelerating global 5G rollout

Get to know Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X60, the world’s most advanced commercial multimode 5G modem that delivers breakthrough wireless performance for a new era of connected experiences.

Taking a system approach to bring 5G NR to life.


Best-in-class end-to-end prototype systems.


Extensive mobile mmWave testing and innovations.


Industry-leading interoperability testing with the mobile ecosystem.

Real-world experiences

Industry-first simulation of real world 5G NR performance.

Overcoming challenges to mobilize 5G NR mmWave.

At Qualcomm, we have been working on the key design elements necessary to harness mmWave spectrum bands above 24 GHz for usage in mobile systems. We are proving to both ourselves and the industry that robust mobile broadband communications at these higher frequencies is possible, including non-line-of-sight and device mobility. 

Driving the evolution and expansion of 5G NR to new industries.

Now that the first 5G NR standard is complete, we’re working on a roadmap of new technologies that will exponentially expand the use of 5G NR technology.

See how we're expanding the 5G ecosystem.

Spectrum sharing

Pioneering new 5G spectrum sharing paradigms.


Delivering new 5G C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-everything) capabilities for autonomous vehicles.


Opening new opportunities for 5G industrial networks.


Scaling to efficiently connect the 5G massive IoT. 

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