Leading the global adoption of mobile broadband.

4G LTE has become one of the fastest growing wireless technologies, delivering faster and better mobile broadband experiences at an unprecedented global scale. At Qualcomm, we have led the evolution and expansion of LTE, LTE Advanced, and LTE Advanced Pro—delivering fundamental system-level inventions that are essential to 5G.

Delivering the first global standard for mobile broadband.

Our LTE technology inventions were essential to efficiently increasing network capacity for faster, better mobile broadband experiences and addressing the massive growth in mobile data traffic. The common, global 4G LTE standard for both FDD and TDD spectrum enabled the LTE ecosystem to rapidly grow to 600+ commercial networks and 9,500+ commercial devices worldwide. 

LTE Advanced - Evolving and expanding into new frontiers

Mar 15, 2022


Delivering on the 4G promise with LTE Advanced.

Building on the foundation we established with the LTE standard, we led the introduction of the second phase of LTE, LTE Advanced—pioneering advanced technologies that not only increase data speeds, but also open new opportunities through efficient and new ways of connecting.

Carrier aggregation

Combining multiple LTE carriers for wider bandwidths. 

Advanced MIMO

Antenna techniques to increase spectral efficiency. 

Learn about 4x4 MIMO

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LTE broadcast

Efficient multicast distribution of the same content to many users.

LTE direct

Device-to-device communication and proximal awareness.

Solving LTE complexities to keep you connected, worldwide.

The unique ability to solve the complexities of multimode, multiband, multi-technology through our leading modems and RF front-end solutions has enabled vendors and operators to bring their LTE products and services to market quickly and cost-effectively. Since the launch of the industry’s first LTE/3G multimode modem, Qualcomm Technologies has been leading the evolution and proliferation of LTE and LTE Advanced.  

Solving the 1000x data challenge.

Global demand for mobile data traffic has exploded the last ten years, and there’s no end to this growth as consumers continue to devour data and video services on their mobile devices. LTE Advanced technology was a key enabler to efficiently meeting this growth in data traffic, pioneering new technologies that will be essential in the 5G era.

Leading the charge to meet the 1000x challenge.

Pioneering new small cell technologies for hyper-densification.

Making the best use of all types of spectrum—licensed, unlicensed, and shared.

Optimizing for more efficient network, applications, and services. 

Delivering a strong portfolio of chipset solutions for small cells.

Continuing our LTE leadership on the path to 5G.

In parallel to designing 5G NR, we’re continuing to invent and commercialize a rich roadmap of technologies as part of the third phase of LTE, LTE Advanced Pro. We’re leading the global Gigabit LTE phenomenon and accelerating the expansion of the mobile ecosystem to new industries.  

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