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Fueling R&D for the industry for 37 years and counting.

Qualcomm is known for developing innovations that push the boundaries of what’s possible across devices and networks to enable next-generation experiences and drive digital transformation across industries. Decades of extensive research fuels every one of our extraordinary inventions, and our one technology roadmap allows us to efficiently scale our portfolio of industry-leading mobile innovations to support virtually every device connected to the cloud. We remain committed to dedicating the necessary resources to R&D that make Qualcomm the driving force that’s taking the world to amazing new places.

Significant investment in R&D

With over 20% of revenue invested in research and development since 2006—a number already exceeding more than $60B—Qualcomm’s commitment to innovation is moving the whole wireless industry forward.

History of innovation

We have a history of placing industry-changing bets. From CDMA to 5G and AI, Qualcomm has overcome the odds to make the seemingly impossible possible. Our research solves industry-wide challenges and paves the way for breakthroughs.

Standardization leadership

We’re leading the standardization of many key technologies that will transform the world, ranging from wireless, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G and 5G, to multimedia such as video codecs. We participate in over 200 global standards and industry organizations, helping to move the mobile industry forward.

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