Mobile XR Travel

Travel far without moving an inch. 

Whether you’re exploring the souks of Morocco from your armchair or upgrading your travel experience with a lightweight VR headset, mobile extended reality (XR) travel with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 8 Series Mobile Platform delivers an immersive video and audio experience that will satisfy your wanderlust. 

Unpack unique travel experiences.

This is the age of travel without leaving the comfort of home. We utilized the powerful architecture of the Snapdragon 8 Series Mobile Platform to support virtual travel experiences and inflight entertainment options that can change the way we see the world. 

First-Class Inflight VR

Powered by Snapdragon, the Skylights ultra-lightweight VR headset delivers immersive inflight entertainment with a 180-360 degree screen that’s comfortable even on long-haul flights. 

Envision the Destination 

Immerse your clients in the sights and sounds of their dream destination with immersive VR content. Whether it’s the cafes of Paris or food stalls in NYC, VR delivers true armchair travel.

Deliver Premium Content 

From Hollywood blockbusters to 360-degree documentaries, provide a vast range of VR content that keeps travelers entertained with an upgraded inflight experience. 

XR Travel with Qualcomm Technologies and Allosky

Aug 2, 2019


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