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Making extended reality accessible to everyone.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ platforms combine intelligent augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI) features to meet the growing needs of the extended reality (XR) ecosystem—powering mobile devices that deliver immersive audio, visuals, and interaction across entertainment, gaming, education, industrial applications, and more.

Immersive realism

The Snapdragon XR platforms define a new level of immersive realism, enabling technology to replicate the same details that the eye can see. Users will experience vivid, photo-realistic detail and lifelike avatars, from grains of sand in a travel experience to the sweat of a villain in the latest VR game.

360° video

Users won’t miss a second of the action, thanks to the endless possibilities of the Snapdragon XR platform’s 8K 360° video playback capabilities. With a framerate of up to 60 fps, every instant replay, panoramic view, and virtual world is displayed with stunning quality and virtually no pixelation.

Rich, 3D audio

Crystal-clear 3D audio elevates the XR experience, fully immersing the user in virtual worlds, whether it’s rain pouring down, the sharp buzz of a mosquito, or the peaceful sound of waves crashing on a shore. The Snapdragon XR platform amplifies every virtual experience, mimicking the environment’s sounds.

Extended battery life

Immerse yourself in the visually stimulating world of XR for longer. With Adreno foveation and eye tracking technology, you’ll see detailed images throughout your display, no matter where you look. Get the full experience of vibrant, complex visuals in their full glory—all while preserving your battery life.

Use cases


XR can enrich film, television, sports, music, or live events, offering consumers more immersive, engaging, fan-based experiences that reach more audiences and up the level of engagement.

  • Vivid sound
  • Immersive 360° experience
  • High resolution, superior picture


XR gives game-makers the ability to bring their imaginary world to life in a more tangible and sensory way than ever before. Players will be surrounded by breathtaking, ultra-realistic, three dimensional environments, turning gaming from a fun pastime into a loaded platform for discovery, competition, and transformation.

  • Freedom of movement
  • Vivid sights and sounds
  • Support leading graphics APIs
  • Movement and interaction with augmented objects


Whether in travel, tourism or hospitality, XR gives prospective customers the ability to envision the experience they seek. Pictures and descriptions tell a small story, but what if you could give them a glimpse of what their trip has in store: exotic fish in the ocean, helicopter rides, luxury hotel rooms, or a walk through crowded city streets? XR is the ultimate sales tool, ready to spark a sense of curiosity and adventure.

  • Vast range of VR content
  • Immersive destination experiences
  • Lean-back experiences for in-flight
  • Slim design for lightweight headsets


XR can provide hands-on, industry expert instruction for surgical procedures, safe virtual environments for the treatment of phobia or PTSD, and early detection of disorders or special needs. Using XR to enhance healthcare brings endless possibilities to the healthcare industry’s advancement.

  • Real-time surgical instruction
  • Virtual treatment environments
  • Connect to remote experts
  • Reduced costs at scale


The need for education and job-training spans industries and mediums, and XR is transforming the curriculum. With XR, you can teach your students by fully immersing them in the subject matter, whether you’re training engineers to build an airplane engine, teaching divers how to conduct rescue missions, or utilizing Think F.A.S.T. to train personnel to recognize stroke symptoms.

  • Fully immerse students in subject matter
  • Virtual re-creation of environments
  • Real-time visual assistance
  • Precise, consistent and fast job training

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