Goodbye, cords.

Your phone isn’t just lying there, it’s charging. Thanks to Qualcomm® WiPower™ wireless charging technology, you can power multiple devices simultaneously within a single charge area.

Did you know?

WiPower doesn’t just charge; it can power devices like wireless keyboards and mice, lamps, and digital photo frames.

A clutter-free power solution for the 21st century.

Power them all with one charger.

Charge compatible electronics simutaneously, regardless of power requirements.

Not just wireless—touchless.

Devices don't have to be in direct contact with a charging pad, just within the charge area.

Turn your coffee table into a charging surface.

The technology can be built right into furniture, working through most surfaces, so it's sure to fit in with your décor.

WiPower Videos

Qualcomm WiPower

Sep 30, 2015


Wireless charging for metal devices: Qualcomm WiPower

Jul 28, 2015


WiPower Demo Video

Oct 29, 2012


Setting a standard.

In 2012, Qualcomm co-founded the Alliance for Wireless Power, which supports the evolution of wireless power technology, products, and services, as well as establishes a global specification for wireless power and charging under the Rezence brand.

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