Wi-Fi products that anticipate, adapt, and amplify.

To consistently deliver next-generation Wi-Fi, we invest heavily in innovation, continuously drive industry standards, and deliver cutting edge solutions for a wide spectrum of devices and networks. By paying close attention to the needs of our customers and the expectations of their customers, we are able to go above and beyond what’s required from new Wi-Fi standards – creating products that redefine what’s possible with new Wi-Fi technology.

How we’re tackling the challenges of Wi-Fi.

Managing new Wi-Fi technology transitions.

Wi-Fi standards are continually evolving to keep pace with growing demand. We're working hard to make sure our customers don’t need to wait for the next big thing in Wi-Fi; easing the delivery of innovations based on next gen Wi-Fi standards.

Satisfying consumer demand.

With more people relying on Wi-Fi for more data-intensive applications, our Wi-Fi technologies deliver cutting edge performance to every device in every potential location – even the most crowded environments.

Addressing complexity.

Whether integrating 3rd party cloud software clients for IoT devices, or automating network management with Wi-Fi SON capabilities, solutions that leverage our Wi-Fi technologies go a long way toward solving complexity with simple, adaptive and seamless connectivity.

Wi-Fi solutions for a myriad of markets.

Network Infrastructure

New 802.11ac solutions enable routers, gateways and access points to blanket a home or office with Gigabit Wi-Fi, while new 802.11ad adds zones of multi-gigabit connectivity. Our networking products come with advanced features like MU-MIMO and Wi-Fi SON smooth out the most significant pain points users experience today. 

Home automation and consumer electronics.

Our Wi-Fi solutions for the IoT are designed to enable customers to add connectivity to a vast array of products with minimal development effort and cost. All our solutions are supported by a multitude of development platforms and are heavily used across the IoT ecosystem.

Smartphone OEMs

Qualcomm Technologies’ modems are designed to support automatic handoff between Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE depending on signal quality and Internet reachability, enabling higher quality calls and faster data streaming.

Explore our Wi-Fi technologies.

See how our unique portfolio of Wi-Fi technologies can help create the ultimate wireless user experiences.

11ac with Multi-User MIMO

With more and more connected devices coming into the household, Wi-Fi networks are becoming overloaded. MU-MIMO serves multiple Wi-Fi devices virtually simultaneously, instead of one at a time – for 2-3x faster connections in crowded networks.


Our 802.11ad solutions bring multi-gigabit speed and low-latency connectivity to networks, smartphones and notebooks to revolutionize broadband and media experiences.  


802.11ax is the next generation of Wi-Fi, delivering up to 4x greater capacity than previous technologies and making better use of that capacity to address the mounting demands of crowded, heterogeneous and dense Wi-Fi networks. 

Qualcomm® Wi-Fi SON

With the number of connected devices in our homes increasing rapidly, new technology is needed to manage the growing traffic. Qualcomm Wi-Fi SON (Self-Organizing Network) automates security, bandwidth optimization and more, enabling complex systems to run smoothly, reliably and with minimal user effort.

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