Advanced Wi-Fi solutions for connecting everything.

Our Wi-Fi 6 and 6E products are designed to deliver blazing fast speed and the massive capacity to meet today’s crushing demand. Whether video conferencing, streaming the latest 4K movie, or immersed in gaming, our advanced Wi-Fi 6 features are purpose built for smartphones, PCs, wireless networks, automotive, and more.

Blazing-fast Wi-Fi 6

Through our end-to-end design and feature implementation, our Wi-Fi 6 solutions for mobile devices are designed to leverage additional capacity to deliver faster speeds. Advanced Wi-Fi 6 features like 1K QAM help make it easier than ever to preserve a fast and reliable connection.

Efficient resource management

Our multi-user scheduling algorithms are designed to deliver deterministic resource allocation across multiple vectors, including via Multi-User MIMO and OFDMA. Our advanced implementation and coordinated management of these multi-user features translates to extremely optimized performance in the highly congested environments like sporting events, airports, or conventions.

Technology leadership and scalability

We aren’t just inventing game-changing feature technologies like MU-MIMO, we’re working across the industries to create products that support standards like Wi-Fi 6 that drive them into disparate markets in unison. All to accelerate the realization of better-connected experiences for consumers and businesses.

Our Wi-Fi 6 solutions enable the next era of connectivity.

From our homes, to airports, campuses, and the enterprise, our Wi-Fi 6 solutions build on our world-class engineering capabilities to connect users and devices like never before and are prepared to unlock the standard's full potential with Wi-Fi 6 support for 6GHz spectrum (Wi-Fi 6E).

Unleashing next generation connected experiences with FastConnect.

The Qualcomm® FastConnect™ systems provide expertly integrated, highly differentiated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features within the Snapdragon® Mobile and Computing Platforms and elsewhere. In this new era of connectivity, these powerful Wi-Fi and Bluetooth systems are raising the bar for performance with advanced Wi-Fi and redefined audio.

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Wi-Fi for Networks

Build products with Qualcomm Technologies’ most advanced Wi-Fi technology offerings including Wi-Fi 6, with UL/DL MU-MIMO and OFDMA, the next generation of wireless connectivity based on the 802.11ax standard—a sophisticated blend of speed and intelligent multitasking performance with our Wi-Fi 6 networking technologies. These offerings are designed to scale from routers and gateways to enterprise access points, increasing connectivity speeds in more places than ever before.

Wi-Fi for Mobile

Qualcomm Technologies’ integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mobile connectivity systems attach to the wide spectrum of Snapdragon® Mobile and Computing Platforms. These advanced connectivity chipsets scale up to the latest Wi-Fi 6E standards, with data rate peak speeds up to 3.6 Gbps. The full portfolio of products supports advanced security protocols, like WPA3, and go far beyond the minimum feature set defined by the standards with advancements in battery life, speed, latency, coverage, and capacity.

Wi-Fi for Automotive

Wi-Fi 6 offers improved capacity, extended range, and power efficiency for premium in-vehicle Wi-Fi experiences as well as concurrent networking, HD video streaming, hotspot support for more than eight devices, and low-latency high-definition video over Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi for the IoT

Our Wi-Fi Internet of Things (IoT) products support a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, appliances, lighting, and building, home, and industrial automation. Our portfolio includes Wi-Fi 802.11 ab/g/n/ac system-on-chip (SoC) solutions that balance low power consumption, multiple radios, and interfaces while supporting data rates up to 300+ Mbps

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