Qualcomm ® Small Cells

Bringing the network to you.

Qualcomm® Small Cells are a product of Qualcomm® Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm ® VIVE ™

It's Wi with a lot more Fi.

Qualcomm VIVE and Qualcomm MU|EFX are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm ® WiPower ™

Power up without plugging in.

Qualcomm WiPower is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Bringing the world up to speed.

The need for fast Wi-Fi goes far beyond the home, and so do the industry networking solutions provided by Qualcomm® VIVE™.

Take the power of mobile further.

Visually lossless 4K video streaming, fast downloads from clouds, and sharing between devices are just a few of the perks of connecting mobile devices through VIVE. You may even notice your devices have improved battery life. VIVE is designed to transmit data fast and get back to sleep—meaning mobile devices use less power.

Lose the cords. Improve the connection.

We’re taking one big step toward a cordless future for computing. With the addition of 802.11ad, VIVE supports zones of ultra-high speed connectivity, eliminating the need for cords between laptops, tablets, displays, storage drives, and other peripherals.

Entertainment. As it should be.

Make buffering a thing of the past. With VIVE, movies and games are more immersive than ever before. VIVE for connected TVs, set-top boxes, gaming devices, handsets, and more, is also designed to provide the best possible experiences for 4K video, gaming, audio, and other latency-sensitive media applications.

Bringing connections to every corner.

VIVE’s tri-band solutions are designed to deliver a range of connectivity. From covering entire spaces with the high speeds of 802.11ac, to providing zones of multi-gigabit capacity with 802.11ad, to serving multiple devices simultaneously with MU | EFX Multi-User MIMO, tri-band supports media rich applications in the boardroom, the living room, the airport, or anywhere else they’re needed. Plus, VIVE’s 3- and 4-stream chipsets support smart homes and networking for heavily trafficked areas — allowing access points to connect multiple devices at once.

Make every ride a joy ride.

VIVE makes for a smooth ride with device control, screen sharing, audio streaming, and more. With integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, VIVE also supports enhanced in-car infotainment and improves automotive safety with vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.

Interested in making VIVE part of a new project or product?