Wi-Fi Evolution

Qualcomm® VIVE™ is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Part of the solution to the 1000x mobile data challenge.

Wi-Fi plays an important role in in addressing the 1000x challenge by opportunistically offloading data from 3G/4G macro networks. The next-gen 802.11ac offers 3x increase in throughput per stream, and takes it ever further with the future MU-MIMO support.

Virtually all the newer smartphones support Wi-Fi, and most of the 3G/4G small cells are expected to be integrated with Wi-Fi. Hence, industry is hard at work to make the interworking between 3G/4G and Wi-Fi robust and seamless.

Our device and small cell solutions not only support the standards mandated interworking features but also pack many more advanced algorithms.

Universal technology in “connected homes”.

The diverse nature of the devices that are part of the “connected home” requires a range of connectivity technologies. Among all these, Wi-Fi is a universal technology effectively supporting all the major components of the connected home system, be it multimedia devices, life managements, home operators or anything else.

Qualcomm’s Hy-Fi™ solutions that combine mobility and flexibility of Wi-Fi with reliability and range of power line communication (PLC) play a major role in realizing the connected home vision.

Opening new frontiers.

Wi-Fi, apart from its traditional role in offloading data and connected home, is also poised to make an impact in the relatively nascent areas of wireless display and indoor positioning.

Wi-Fi is in fact the foundation air link technology for all the wireless display solutions. The current solutions use Wi-Fi direct, part of 802.11n/ac and the future ones could adopt 11ad/WiGig which leverage bandwidth-rich 60 GHz spectrum.

Wi-Fi is an effective technology for indoor positioning. Qualcomm® IZatTM location services is an industry leading positioning solution which incorporates Wi-Fi for indoor positioning.